Adam Kinzinger Notifies Ginni Thomas On Possible Subpoena


Lt Colonel Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) who dares to pilot RC-26 surveillance aircraft and fought in both Iraq and Afghanistan has no trouble going up against the bitter, tired old men in his party. That led him to become an important part of the House January 6 Select Committee. And he just broke some amazing news. The Select Committee wants Ginni Thomas’ testimony.

Being the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas made no difference to their investigation. The January 6 Committee has been going after those who surrounded the ex-president as he plotted to overthrow the American government. Mrs. Thomas is among those in that group, CNN reported.

Kinzinger said the Select Committee intends to investigate the ultra-right activist. Unfortunately for Ginni Thomas, she has been deeply involved in the 2020 failed coup. There was proof that she even phoned Arizona legislators in a brutal attempt to manipulate them into tossing their election results.

At first, she was enthusiastic about testifying but then lawyered up. Realizing that he was into a rich vein of information, Tapper asked Kinzinger when the House committee would decide to subpoena her:

‘Your vice chair of the committee, Liz Cheney, told me on Sunday the committee is prepared to consider subpoenaing Ginni Thomas … if she does not appear before the committee voluntarily. When would that decision be made?’

Then, Kingzinger commented that when individuals start stalling that is “when we issue a subpoena:”

‘So that’s — so the lawyers are really good at kind of knowing when they’re in legitimate negotiations, which is all standard, or when they’re being stalled. And typically what we have seen is they’ll come to us and say, they’re just stalling right now. that’s when we issue a subpoena. I think when we get to that threshold, we will.’

The active  National Guard pilot and Illinois representative said his committee had “discovered more and more involvement” on her part:

‘She will not receive special treatment because of her family connections. We’re not treating her differently because of her last name. We have discovered more and more involvement, some of which has been reported openly about her involvement with Eastman or trying to convince state electors.’

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‘We want to talk to her. She said through the media that she’s eager to talk to us. Hopefully we can get there. If not, we’ll do what we need to do to make sure we can.’

Kinzinger appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe show, and this is how it went:

Ginni Thomas clearly found an open door in the previous administration’s West Wing.

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.

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