‘The Lincoln Project’ Rallies Red & Blue America To Defeat GOP In ’22


In a new video, The Lincoln Project laid out the high stakes of the upcoming midterm elections with Election Day now just 100 days away, as of this Sunday.

If Republicans regain control of the House later this year, the simple fact is the presumably Trump-dominated majority would no doubt gear up for initiatives like pursuing political retribution against those daring to oppose them, altering the basic rules and standards of democracy to better serve their political ambitions, and heading in a far-right direction on key issues that matter to Americans like gun policy and abortion. What’s stopping a GOP-dominated House from passing a new set of federal abortion restrictions if holding enough votes to do so? After that potential point, what’s stopping a potential Republican Senate majority from changing the filibuster rules to allow the passage of key far-right agenda items like restrictions on abortion or drastic election policy changes?

In the new video from The Lincoln Project, the group shared a series of clips showcasing some of the multi-faceted threats posed by Trump and his ilk. A gradually unfolding on-screen message reads as follows:

‘The midterms are coming in 100 days. 100 days to stop the chaos. 100 days to protect our freedoms. 100 days to defend democracy. 100 days to make it count. They will do it again. But only if we let them. January 6th never ended.’

In a caption, the organization added: “There are #100Days until the November midterm elections. We have a choice to make: America or Trump.” Watch below:

Trump’s made clear that he’s fundamentally committed to the cause of the Capitol riot. He’s repeatedly attempted to basically justify it, glibly attributing what happened to nonexistent systematic election fraud, as though that’s a reasonable excuse. He’s also repeatedly raised the prospect of pardoning Capitol rioters if he wins the presidency again. Despite these acts, there’s yet to be any kind of huge break with Trump among Congressional Republicans. House GOP leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) seems willing to stick with Trump or his allies in the chamber on just about any issue, and Senate GOP leader Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) might’ve shown a little more trepidation at political violence from the Trump corner, but he wouldn’t even vote for convicting Trump on an impeachment charge of inciting the Capitol riot. Even after the riot, startling numbers of GOP’ers in Congress voted against certifying the full election outcome, basically embracing a stance totally disconnected from the basic reality of what happened: the election was secure.