Judge Rules Against Trump Attempt To Claim ‘Absolute Immunity’


Of course, Donald Trump wanted the lawsuits brought against him dismissed, especially those brought by four members of the Capitol Police. They have been seeking retribution for injuries incurred fighting hand-to-hand against a mob reaching as far as the eye could see.

U.S. District Judge Amit Mehta released a two-page order that looped back to an earlier ruling with the same issue. In it, Judge Maricus Moore, Bobby Tabron and DeDivine K. Carter, and Briana Kirkland were refused absolute amnesty, according to The Law & Crime.

Mehta, a Washington, DC judge, wrote  that the case before him was virtually the same as another case:

‘In these three matters, four U.S. Capitol Police officers have sued former President Donald J. Trump for damages arising from injuries they sustained during the events of January 6, 2021, at the U.S. Capitol Building. Plaintiffs’ allegations and claims are the largely the same as those advanced by the U.S. Capitol Police plaintiffs in Blassingame v. Trump.’

Then, the judge who had been appointed by President Barack Obama, referred the court back to his Blassingame in declining to end Moore v. TrumpTabron v. Trump, and Kirkland v. Trump ruling.

Mehta’s order began, calling it “nearly identically worded:”

‘In nearly identically worded motions, President Trump has moved to dismiss all three actions on one ground: he is absolutely immune from suit because the acts complained of fall within the ‘outer perimeter’ of his presidential responsibilities. The court already rejected President Trump’s assertion of immunity in Blassingame. The court does so again.’

Judge Meta further explained his ruling. The judge wrote referring to “generally id. at *18:”

‘[H]olding that Defendant Trump’s alleged actions “entirely concern[ed] his efforts to remain in office for a second term” and therefore do not fall within the “outer perimeter” of a president’s official responsibilities).’

Then the judge shot the final arrow at Trump’s attempt to dismiss the court:

‘Accordingly, President Trump’s motions to dismiss are denied.’

In the earlier ruling, the federal judge said “Trump could not assert presidential immunity” when Capitol Police Officer James Blassingame filed lawsuits regarding events in and around January 6, 2020. In it, Trump was denied absolute immunity:

‘After all, the President’s actions here do not relate to his duties of faithfully executing the laws, conducting foreign affairs, commanding the armed forces, or managing the Executive Branch.’

Screen-Shot-2022-08-04-at-10.26.42-AM Judge Rules Against Trump Attempt To Claim  'Absolute Immunity' Crime Donald Trump Featured Politics Top Stories

‘They entirely concern his efforts to remain in office for a second term. These are unofficial acts, so the separation-of-powers concerns that justify the President’s broad immunity are not present here.’

Screen-Shot-2022-08-04-at-10.19.53-AM Judge Rules Against Trump Attempt To Claim  'Absolute Immunity' Crime Donald Trump Featured Politics Top Stories

The Republican National Committee (RNC) has been paying Trump’s legal fees, so he can take as many people to court as he wishes, according to The Vanity Fair Hive. He also uses the money in an attempt to deflect culpability from himself.

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