Ukraine Liberates Five Towns In Brave Offensive Against Putin


Ukrainian forces recently liberated five settlements in their country from occupying Russian troops, according to revelations from Oleksii Hromov, an official with the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

“During the week, our troops improved their tactical position and advanced deep into the enemy’s defense lines outside the settlements of Mazanivka, Brashkivka, Sulyhivka and Dmytrivka. They liberated two settlements – Mazanivka and Dmytrivka,” Hromov stated in comments evidently from Thursday. There’s more than one location in Ukraine known as Dmytrivka. According to earlier info shared by the Ukrainian news outlet known as The Kyiv Independent, Ukrainian forces also recently freed the settlements of Ivanivka, Lozove, and Andriivka in recent weeks. Per further details from Hromov, Ukrainian forces are securing tactical successes in pushing back on Russian aggression in the Kharkiv region.

“On the Kharkiv axis, the enemy does not conduct active hostilities, attempting to keep control of the captured territories and launching rocket strikes. Ukraine’s defense forces advanced deep into the enemy’s defense lines and gained a foothold in the liberated territories,” the official stated. Those remarks from Hromov regarding the situation in the Kharkiv area within Ukraine emerged Thursday. Meanwhile, Ukraine continues receiving defense assistance in the form of high-value weapons from outside supporters including the U.S. Following a claim from the Russian defense minister that his country’s troops destroyed six U.S.-made HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems positioned in Ukraine, the acting spokesperson at the U.S. Defense Department called the notion of Russia destroying those HIMARS systems “patently false.”

As spokesman Todd Breasseale explained regarding the Russian allegations: “We are aware of these latest claims by Minister Shoigu and they are again patently false… What is happening, however, is that the Ukrainians are employing with devastating accuracy and effectiveness, each of the fully accounted for precision missile systems the U.S., our Allies, and partners have provided them to defend against Russia’s brutal, criminal invasion.” The HIMARS system (the name of which is an abbreviation for High Mobility Artillery Rocket System) features high levels of accuracy and particularly long ranges for potential strikes. The U.S. is continuing to provide weapons support to Ukraine, reportedly including more HIMARS systems and munitions. An adviser at Ukraine’s internal affairs ministry recently claimed his country used a U.S.-provided HIMARS system to destroy a 40-car railway grouping carrying supplies for Russia’s aggression, including equipment and ammo. That strike evidently hit a train that arrived from Crimea to Ukraine’s Kherson region.