Eric Trump Suffers A Public Sad After FBI Raids Mar-A Lago


The right-wing freak out over the FBI raid of Trump’s Mar-a-lago home on Monday was inevitable, and it was outrage wrapped in fear when it came. Fox News hosted Trump’s middle son, Eric, and Newsmax interviewed Trump’s TV attorney, Rudy Giuliani. While Newsmax went full crazy, Fox News didn’t even bother to report the news of the raid. Jesse Watters just ranted endlessly about how unfair everything is and how everyone in the Democratic Party has done something worse.

Eric drummed up the old “lock her up!” talking points, throwing around old debunked scandals about the Benghazi attack and the Clinton Foundation. The man who stole money from a children’s cancer charity and whose family is no longer allowed to run any charity because they stole from their own complained that people have gotten away with too much for his father not to be excused for his crimes, too.

‘Going back to Hillary, there’s a lot of other things. How about the Benghazi scandals? How about the Clinton Foundation? How many shady oligarchs in Russia were contributing to that? How about Uranium One? You want to talk about scandals that were never investigated, never vetted?’

For the record, the Benghazi scandal that never was underwent multiple investigations and Hillary Clinton sat for testimony for over eight hours. No wrongdoing was ever uncovered by the Republican-led committees.

Eric whined his way through the entire interview, screaming about the unfairness of his father’s crimes being investigated. Ignoring the country’s history of slavery and colonization, Eric swore that the Trump family had undergone more hardship than any family in the country.

‘They went after him. They went after all of us. There is no family in American history that has taken more arrows in the back than the Trump family.’

Jesse Watters didn’t need a Trump on his show to get his outrage across. Incensed that Trump’s home was searched prior to the midterms, Watters listed all the scandals Eric seemed to have forgotten as some sort of a what-about-ism defense for Trump’s crimes.

‘We were told that the FBI wasn’t going to get involved in any politically charged search warrants, investigations, announcements, indictments before an election! We were told that! I mean, remember what they did with the “Crooked” situation with the server. They made all sorts of announcements then, they investigated the Trump campaign then. You saw what they did in October by covering up the laptop, and now they’re gonna send agents into Mar-a-lago before the midterm election? This is not what we were told the FBI was going to do!’

He went on to list scandals involving Nancy Pelosi’s husband, tax fraud by Joe Biden’s youngest son, something about diamonds being exchanged and suspicious wire transfers from China. At no time did he address the stolen, classified documents Trump took with him to Mar-a-lago, the reason behind the investigation.

Rudy Giuliani, for his part, just seemed confused and spouted some worn conspiracy theories in response.