Trump-Anointed Michigan AG Candidate Accused Of Voting Scheme


The Donald Trump-anointed candidate who is running for Michigan’s attorney general seat was ensnared in a case involving people who had tampered with Michigan voting equipment. Kevin DePerno was attempting to convince people that the ex-president’s 2020 presidential election was stolen, according to Reuters in its exclusive report.

Trump pumped his fist in the air, ever the strong man, and said:

”Deperno is] going to make sure that you are going to have law and order and fair elections. That’s an important race.’

The sitting Attorney General Dana Nessel (D) refused to speak about the details of this investigation, but she did say:

‘[Nessel would] take appropriate steps to remove herself and her department should a conflict arise.’

Spokesperson for the current secretary of state, Jake Rollow, said that the office does not believe the candidate was approved to handle the ES&S voting machines.  And he added that this was a “big deal:”

‘To ensure Michigan’s elections are secure in the future, there must be consequences now for the people who illegally accessed the state’s voting machines.’

DePerno took the opportunity to sue and claimed that Dominion Voting Systems out of Colorado rigged its machines, too. He claimed that some of them could flip Trump votes over to President Joe Biden. However:

‘No evidence of machine fraud or manipulation in the 2020 election has ever been presented in Michigan or any other state, and courts in Michigan and elsewhere have dismissed such claims as baseless.’

Election-security specialist Kevin Skoglund was consulted by Reuters. He explained:

‘[T]he matching numbers indicate that the report’s author had access to either Richfield’s tabulator or a data drive containing the results and other information on the machine.’

 Then, Skogland said that the former analyst for the National Security Agency James Penrose showed  ill-will:

‘There’s no doubt in my mind that the Penrose photograph is output from that same DS200 — that he had physical hands-on access.’

DePerno also spoke to two highly-conservative websites, Gateway Pundit and 100 Percent Fed Up. He intimated that Penrose had examined an ES&S machine and looked at Dominion equipment “outside of Antrim County.” DePerno also said that Judge Kevin Elsenheimer’s ruling in the 13th Circuit Court “was a dead-end:”

‘Maybe there will be some county somewhere that decides to come forward and cooperate. That would be nice.’

Judge Esenheimer dismissed the Antrim lawsuit last May coming down on the side that the Michigan Court of Appeals confirmed. Even a Republican-heavy Senate in Michigan claimed DePerno’s “fraud claims have been widely debunked [and] demonstrably false” in June of 2021.

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Later Donald Trump gave DePerno his blessing for attorney general:

‘Fair and accurate elections [to] reveal the truth about the Nov. 3 presidential election scam.’

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Watch this space.

The featured image is a screenshot via Twitter.

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