Rudy Giuliani Made Target Of Georgia Criminal Probe Into Election Meddling


According to information initially revealed in part by Danny Hakim, a reporter with The New York Times, longtime Trump ally Rudy Giuliani was informed he is now a “target” of the ongoing criminal investigation into 2020 election meddling led by Georgia’s Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis.

For Giuliani to be a target of the probe means he could face criminal charges. Giuliani was involved in the efforts to assemble faked slates of electoral votes on behalf of Donald Trump in states Biden won, including Georgia. He also appeared multiple times before Georgia state legislators to push false conspiracy theories about the 2020 presidential election. Giuliani also specifically argued against certifying the outcome of the 2020 election in Georgia. Previously, the special grand jury working on the Willis investigation heard from at least three Democratic state legislators about hearings where Rudy presented deceptive claims about the 2020 election.

State Sen. Elena Parent (D) explained in reference to investigators that her “sense is that they are being very thorough in unpacking a lot of details related to that hearing, all aspects of it.” She was apparently discussing her chamber’s hearing with Giuliani’s testimony.

Georgia state Rep. Bee Nguyen (D) — the Democratic pick for Georgia’s role of Secretary of State in this year’s midterm elections — also testified about the Giuliani hearings to the special grand jury working on the Willis probe. Nguyen said that what Giuliani and his team presented before members of Georgia’s state House seemed in hindsight like “a very coordinated effort that led up to what happened on January 6.” Georgia state Sen. Jennifer Jordan (D) also previously appeared before the special grand jury. Referring to footage of the hearing where Giuliani addressed state Senators, Jordan said she’s “pretty sure that grand jury has viewed the whole thing in its entirety.” As outlined by The New York Times, Willis is broadly considering the issuance of criminal charges including racketeering, conspiracy, and one that relates to making false statements to state legislators.

One of the hearings before Georgia state legislators is where Rudy made his infamous comparison of Atlanta election workers to drug dealers. “Look at them scurrying around with the ballots,” he said during a legislative hearing. “Nobody in the room. Hiding around. They look like they’re passing out dope, not just ballots. It is quite clear they’re stealing votes.” Quite simply, Rudy sounded like he was losing it. Around the time of the news emerging that Giuliani was now a target of the Willis probe, Robert Costello, a lawyer for Giuliani, pushed back on the possibility of Giuliani discussing his dealings with Trump, for whom he worked as a lawyer. “If these people think he’s going to talk about conversations between him and President Trump, they’re delusional,” Giuliani’s attorney said. There is plenty of ground for prosecutors to cover that doesn’t directly relate to Giuliani’s interactions with Trump.