Eric Trump Has Embarrassing Public Meltdown Over FBI Raid


Eric Trump went on the Monday night edition of the Fox show hosted by Sean Hannity to once again complain to high heaven about investigative scrutiny of former President Donald Trump — Eric’s dad — and the Trump clan. The main focus of discussion was the recent FBI raid of Mar-a-Lago.

“How can we say we have equal justice in this country and all those people got away with it?” Hannity asked, referring to some of those targeted by familiar right-wing complaints. For instance, Hannity mentioned Peter Strzok, who hasn’t worked at the FBI in years. “We can’t, Sean, because we don’t,” Eric proclaimed. “And you know, the one thing I’ll tell you: it’s caused the greatest fundraising. My father’s poll numbers have absolutely gone through the roof. They’re not even talking about any other Republican candidates because they’ve all kind of disappeared — they’re not even in the equation. Last night, I had an argument between two people in a restaurant who were trying to buy Lara and I dinner to apologize for what the United States government has done to our family, Sean. I mean you wouldn’t believe the energy out there… I’ve never seen America more mad than it is right now.”

“They see the weaponization of the FBI. They’re calling it the police state in this country. People get this for what it is, Sean,” Eric added. “People know exactly what’s going on. They’re targeting Donald Trump. They’re targeting his family. They’re targeting everybody around him. They’re targeting his lawyers. Anybody that’s close to Donald Trump. Anybody who’s effective, they’re targeting right now.” In reality: numbers emerged just this week from the University of North Florida showing that state’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis ahead of Donald Trump in a survey asking certain Florida Republicans for their choice in a hypothetical 2024 Republican presidential primary match-up. DeSantis also led in previous Florida polling, and he’s well into the double-digits in national polling, although he hasn’t confirmed he’ll run.

More broadly, there’s just no real-world evidence for political targeting of the Trumps underlying law enforcement action at Mar-a-Lago, no matter Eric’s melodrama. Later in the interview, Hannity claimed the former president offered federal authorities “everything… the room that they asked him to padlock, which he agreed to.” The FBI raid centered on government records that remained at the southern Florida Trump property. There’s no immediately available evidence that Trump actually previously offered authorities “everything,” although Eric claimed Hannity’s description of events was accurate. A Trump lawyer signed a statement for federal authorities in June stating all the documents marked classified from a particular storage area were returned to the feds. FBI agents participating in the raid recovered nearly a dozen sets of classified documents from the property. Some might’ve been in that storage area, making the signed statement a lie.

“My father said, anything you guys need, let me know,” Eric alleged. Available information indicates that’s just not an accurate description. Hannity subsequently suggested agents simply engaged in a so-called fishing expedition, which Eric agreed was correct — despite the lack of evidence for the notion of any real-world entanglement between the raid and other probes targeting Trump. Check out Eric’s meltdown below: