Biden Approval Rating Jumps After String Of Historic Accomplishments


President Joe Biden had a very good week and his uptick of three percent in a new poll reflects that. The just-released Politico-Morning Consult poll showed Wednesday how big of a win POTUS received when he signed the Stop Inflation Act. In addition, the president has slightly altered his demeanor. And people noticed that the old fighting Joe was back.

The legislation provided money for climate change and health care. In addition, it reformed the tax package to more equitably share the burden and contained an effort on gun control. A summary of the new bill can be found on the Democrat’s Senate page.

The poll showed that 42 percent of registered voters approved of how President Biden has been performing his job. Last week’s Politico-Morning poll, only gave him a 39 percent approval score. The number of voters disapproving of the president’s job performance reflected the same indicators, moving from 59 percent down to 56 percent.

Registered voters’ confidence in President Biden gave people the confidence to say the country was on the right track. That percentage increased five percent from 25 percent last week to 30 percent now. A full 75 percent of the voters said he was on the wrong track last week, and that dropped to 70 percent.

With fewer than three months left until the midterm 2022 elections, President Biden still has time for his good news to reach the public. In addition, gasoline prices have dropped every single day for over two months. People noticed.

If Americans can give President Biden two more senators and retain the House, he can fulfill more of his promises. He has been held back by two recalcitrant senators at nearly every turn. One was Manchin, and the other was Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ), who finally capitulated to the new legislation if the men took out a provision that would have cost some of her wealthiest donors.
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The president’s cabinet has been tasked with spreading the message of his success throughout the country, according to The Pavlovic Today scoop. Democrats knew that they had not been as good at messaging as Republicans until now.
Screen-Shot-2022-08-17-at-3.51.34-PM Biden Approval Rating Jumps After String Of Historic Accomplishments Domestic Policy Featured Politics Polls Top Stories

The Politico-Morning Consult poll interviewed 2,005 registered voters between August 12-14. Its margin of error is 2+/- percentage points.

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.

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