Democrats Shame GOP With Ad Campaign Promoting Biden Victories


To celebrate President Joe Biden’s signature Inflation Reduction Act, Democratic groups have launched a $10 million multi-media ad campaign to showcase the president’s new legislative accomplishments.

The ad campaign backers who stepped up to contribute the $10 million are Climate Power, the League of Conservation Voters, and Future Forward USA Action, which is a Democrat donor nonprofit, according to The Axios. This will be the most expensive ad campaign to promote new legislation in the nation’s history. With only 90 days before the midterms, a large effort was necessary to ensure Americans understand what the Inflation Reduction Act can do for them.

Senior Vice President of Campaigns at the League of Conservation Voters Pete Maysmith indicated that the GOP would attempt to frame the legislation negatively should the Democrats not get the word out right away, according to The POLITICO:

‘The magnitude, the scope and the importance of what Congress and Biden just did for climate change is transformational … and it is essential that people understand the magnitude of what just happened. We can’t sit around and wait for that to happen. We need to aggressively tell this story.’

The Director of Climate Power, Lori Lodes, said in the past Dems have traditionally lost big in midterm elections after a Democratic presidential win. In 2010 the party lost “63 House seats and six Senate seats.” The ad campaign backers do not want a repeat of that Lodes said:

‘There was no campaign to win the win after passage of the Affordable Care Act, whereas the other side spent $450 million to define it as a socialist takeover.’

A Democratic ad maker and former political director at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Ian Russell said the television and online media ads need to promote. Biden’s “promises made, promises kept” messages:

‘I know frontline members have already shot spots explaining their vote, touting what’s in the bill and basically saying — promises made, promises kept on lowering prescription drug costs and health care costs. You’ll see those ads proliferate for frontline Democrats. You have to put money behind it. You have to sell it through ads.’

President of Senate Majority PAC, JB Poersch, noted that the ads would emphasize the new lower drug costs now that Medicare can finally negotiate for lower drug prices and place a new cap on insulin spending:

‘This [spending] reinforces what Democrats in the House and the Senate are already talking about, flagship Senate Democratic super PAC. It helps to echo that relief is on the way.’

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Robert Blizzard, a Republican pollster was not enthusiastic about the ad campaign:

‘For independent voters, until they see changes in how much money is leaving their pocket every month, this is going to fall largely on deaf ears. This is merely a play to gin up support among their base.’

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After President Joe Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act into law on Tuesday he indicated that he plans to send most of his Cabinet out to spread the good news.

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