Trump Snaps And Has Scared Saturday Meltdown Over FBI Investigation


The Justice Department investigation into the handling of classified documents from Trump’s administration — a probe that led to the recent raid of Mar-a-Lago — isn’t ending just because Donald’s publicly furious.

Jay Bratt, a high-ranking official at the Justice Department working on counterintelligence issues, recently indicated the federal probe is in its “early stages” — which is simply not a great sign for those in the former president’s corner, including Donald himself, hoping for a quick resolution. It’s not imminently winding down. Trump took to his social media platform Truth Social this weekend for a self-confident rant about how highly he’s supposedly regarded by FBI agents, something both not particularly supported by immediately apparent real-world evidence and not particularly relevant to the underlying issues driving the documents probe.

“I hear the the great Agents and others in the FBI are furious at FBI leadership for what they are doing with respect to political weaponization against a President (me) that always had their backs, and that they like (love!) a lot,” Trump said. “They don’t like being “used” by people they do not agree with, or respect. Likewise, they are not exactly thrilled with the leadership at DOJ! Similar to the revolt against Comey when he exonerated Crooked Hillary, but was forced, by them, to withdraw the exoneration!” Who’s your source for these supposed revelations, Don? The tooth fairy? Little goblins that show up on the lawns of Mar-a-Lago at night, speaking riddles? Voices from a secret well you discovered?

On the flip side, even if FBI agents do just love Donald Trump, that’s not meant to impact their work. Since the recent raid of his southern Florida property, where he’s largely resided since leaving D.C., Trump’s complained about supposed politicization at the FBI, so does he want politicization if it favors him? Revelations in warrant docs indicate three specific laws that federal personnel suspected were potentially violated. Those statutes include the Espionage Act, which broadly covers national security-related issues, and a law against actions like meddling with documents for the purpose of obstructing government investigations. Despite a June statement signed by one of Trump’s lawyers stating all the docs marked classified from a particular storage area at the targeted Trump resort were returned to federal personnel, agents found nearly a dozen sets of classified documents across the property during the recent raid. That included some of the most restricted U.S. government information.