Biden Popularity Surges In Latest Round Of Approval Polling


In polling from Rasmussen Reports, the percentage of the public indicating approval for Joe Biden’s job performance is now the highest since early September 2021.

In the latest numbers, dated August 22, 47 percent of respondents indicated approval, and 52 percent shared disapproval. A full 24 percent of the overall total indicated they strongly approved of Biden, although 43 percent of the collective total shared strong disapproval. In Rasmussen numbers dated September 7, 2021, the overall approval and disapproval levels were the same, with only slight variations in the overall total specifically indicating strong approval or strong disapproval. A full 44 percent of overall respondents indicated strong disapproval, while 27 percent shared strong approval for the president’s job performance in those September 2021 numbers.

For a more recently focused perspective, Rasmussen numbers showed overall approval for Biden a full ten percentage points lower on July 22 of this year, with 37 percent approving and 61 percent disapproving, meaning Biden’s overall standing evidently improved to a significant extent just in recent weeks.

Recently, Biden helped kick-start the implementation of cornerstone policy initiatives such as the Inflation Reduction Act, a budget reconciliation deal first passed in the Senate before its House approval and presidential signature. The sweeping legislative initiative contains the largest single investment by the U.S. government into fighting climate change in history, with measures including substantial surges in government support for electric vehicles and the usage of renewable energy in producing electricity. The bill also includes popular measures like a cap of $2,000 per year for the prescription medication costs paid by those on Medicare and an allowance for Medicare to negotiate the prices of certain prescription drugs, which will facilitate key expenses going down. (Those Medicare-related measures in the bill don’t immediately take effect.)

Many Americans are also concerned and upset about the recent overturning by the U.S. Supreme Court of Roe v. Wade, which established the legally recognized nationwide right to abortion. Democrats offer clear alternatives to the GOP rollback of reproductive rights.

Polling for the upcoming midterm elections suggests Democrats are heading towards resounding successes, like a victory in the Pennsylvania Senate race featuring Democratic contender and current Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman running against Mehmet Oz, aka Dr. Oz, the Republicans’ selection. Fetterman consistently leads Oz in polling and posts impressive fundraising numbers, like the more than $1 million raised last week after a widely mocked video of Oz began circulating across the internet. The video features Oz wandering through a grocery store and complaining about prices in an attempt to make a point about inflation, but he seemed out-of-touch to many. He called the store by its wrong name, misread prices, and griped about the costs for crudités — French appetizers that don’t exactly make the multiple mansion-owning Oz seem like an everyman. Oz spent decades living in New Jersey and only in recent years moved to Pennsylvania.

Image: Gage Skidmore/ Creative Commons