‘The Lincoln Project’ Rips Qanon ‘Kook’ Kari Lake In Viral Video


Longtime Phoenix television anchor Kari Lake follows a long line of Republican ultra-right conservatives down the path of craziness. The Donald Trump-endorsed candidate for governor’s latest bright idea is to “fire the federal government.” What does that mean for Arizona? Well, The Lincoln Project knows.

It would be the end of Social Security checks, Medicare, all military bases, and federal student aid. No longer would the federal parks, such as the Grand Canyon, be funded. Air traffic controllers would be gone as would the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA).

But the drug and human traffickers would be happy about the situation. The bottom line for Lake would be the loss of 42 percent of funds the federal government provides Arizona. And a 72 percent increase in state taxes would be necessary to “fill  the gap.”

In other words, she would crush Arizona’s economy. As The Lincoln Project said, Kari Lake is just a “kook with crazy ideas” who would turn Arizona into a “national joke.” Voting for her “could cost Arizona everything:”

‘Kari Lake wants to fire the federal government. A vote for her could cost Arizona everything.’

Then again, maybe Lake can turn sand into water. As the gubernatorial candidate’s webpage says:

‘I am committed to being the Governor who addresses Arizona’s future water needs by stepping up to lead a national and regional effort to ensure Arizona and the entire Southwest have all the water we need to continue to grow into the future.’

Arizona does not need kookiness. It needs Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs who understands the real role of government is to protect the states, to protect Arizona, as The AZ Mirror reported.

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.

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