The Predicted GOP ‘Red Wave’ Is A Flop According To Polling


The first big hint about the Republicans losing the Senate came from Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY). Last week he surprised legislators by announcing the party would lose the Senate midterms due to “candidate quality,” ABC reported. That means the GOP’s big red wave will be more of a trickle.

Republican strategist and analyst Rick Tyler commented that a red wave was “not even close,” according to Newsmax:

‘The enthusiasm is just not there. Last time Republicans had a good year, they were six points ahead in the generic poll. Now we’re barely two points ahead. So it’s definitely not going to happen.’

Former senator Rick Santorum (R-PA) claimed on Thursday that after the special election, “Republicans have to start paying attention.” He noted:

‘The problem is, where Republicans have to pick up in order to win the Congress is in districts like that. If you look at the national polls, if you look at a lot of these races like in my home state of Pennsylvania — if this is a red wave year, the polls are not showing it right now.’

The Supreme Court kicked off the Republicans’ woes when it overturned Roe v. Wade. Then the discovery of a trove of ultra-secret documents casually strewn about Mar-a-Lago did not help the de factor GOP leader Donald Trump:

‘MAGA Republicans hope voters ignore their dangerous extremism, but NY-19 shows us that voters will reject their extreme agenda.’

National Republican Congressional Committee Communications Director Michael McAdams released a statement that read:

‘Anyone who thought retaking the majority was going to be easy needs to buck up Majorities are won in November not August and we look forward to prosecuting the case against Democrats’ failed one-party rule.’

President and CEO of Republican Main Street Partnership Sarah Chamberlain pointed to the New York special election to anticipate the results of the midterm election:

‘I would not red flag it yet. We’re going to wait to see and do some more polling, but I think things are fine.’

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Now the Democrats can help ”make the election more of a choice than a referendum.” But do not take a Democratic win for granted regardless of what happened to the “red wave:”

‘It is possible that the Democrats’ addition of more college-educated voters, at the expense of losing more non-college voters, has skewed some of these special elections, as the college cohort is a more reliable voting bloc. That said, if the GOP had some big enthusiasm edge over the Democrats — and if it was bringing a lot of lapsed GOP voters back into the fold — one would think they’d be doing better than they are.’

Check out Rick Santorum speaking on Newsmax here:

When Roe was overturned, American women were angry. And this year, angry people for vote Democrats.

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