‘The Lincoln Project’ Goes After GOP For Destroying Democracy


The Republican party of American’s parents is gone. Now, the new Trump Republicans are promoting big government that inserts itself into every aspect of people’s lives. The authoritarians strip classical literature from our school’s libraries and offer bounties to hunt down “our daughters” for $10,000.

They poke their noses into our bedrooms and outlaw contraception. The Lincoln Project narrator pointed out:

‘Big government, federal spies looking into your bedroom, your bank account, your browsing history. Taking away your privacy.’

Russian President Vladimir Putin would be proud of how the GOP has been:

‘Rewriting the Constitution. Destroying American traditions. Promoting violence against us. Putting a bounty on our daughters. Breaking our schools. Making health care more expensive.’ 

The video continued, pointing out that the Republican legislators refusing to vote for our injured veterans’ healthcare was “not patriotic,” and “not conservative.”‘

It is “not America:”

‘Keeping help from our injured veterans. That’s not patriotic. That’s not conservative. That’s not America. You may not think that’s what you represent, but if you vote with them, it is.’

Check out the latest Lincoln Project video:

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.

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