KS Rep. Sharice Davids Tops ‘ 50 Most Competitive District’ Races


Among the 50 most competitive House races in the nation, Sharice Davids (D-KS) ranks at the top. The Republican-heavy Kansas Congress changed the Third District’s boundaries this year to favor the Republican challenger against the Democratic incumbent. And yet, Representative Davids has managed to stay even with her Republican competitor Amanda Adkins in FiveThirtyEight’s polling calculation.

The polling organization just released its newest ratings. The race is so close that FiveThirtyEight gave each competitor a 50 in 100 margin of victory. Only one other district, California’s 22nd District, held the same ranking. The first 10 ranked candidates were distributed across America.

Screen-Shot-2022-08-30-at-2.00.09-PM KS Rep. Sharice Davids Tops ' 50 Most Competitive District' Races Domestic Policy Election 2022 Featured Politics Top Stories

Then, according to the RMG Research poll conducted from July 21 to July 28 and released its results. FiveThirtyEight also showed the other poll’s results: Davids’ 45 percentage points, Adkins’ 46 percentage points, “some other candidate” garnered 2 percent of the vote, and 8 percent were “Not sure.”

The question was:

‘Republican Amanda Adkins and Democrat Sharice Davids are running in the midterm election for Congress. If the election were held today, for whom would you vote? ‘

Screen-Shot-2022-08-30-at-1.33.24-PM KS Rep. Sharice Davids Tops ' 50 Most Competitive District' Races Domestic Policy Election 2022 Featured Politics Top Stories Davids is Vice Chair of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, and has been working closely with U.S. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg to implement President Joe Biden’s new Inflation Reduction Act.

She points to the”development to roadways, airports, (and) railways:”

‘As Vice Chair of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, I’m working in a bipartisan way to bring much needed economic development to our roadways, airports, railways, local water infrastructure, and more. ‘

According to the AssociatedPress. (AP), the bill means:

‘$2.6 billion for Kansas roads — some of the largest investments in them since President Dwight D. Eisenhower (R-KS) introduced “the national highway system in the 1950S.”‘

Secretary Pete Buttigieg observed:

‘The Inflation Reduction Act will bring down costs on energy, transportation, health care, and prescription drugs for Americans across the country. Let’s get it done.’

As someone who’s still paying off student loans herself, Davids’ goal is to make higher education more affordable for others:

‘As a woman and a Native American, I know how to stand up and fight for equity. As a lawyer, economic advisor, and advocate, I know how to build consensus and get things done.’

Representative Davids tweeted:

”The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law’s major investment to replace existing  lead pipes in Kansas will keep our kids safe and create good-paying jobs. No amount of lead exposure is safe, and I’m proud to work with local officials to protect our most vulnerable.’

Davids is one of two first Native Americans (Ho-Chunk Nation) elected to Congress, and she was raised by a single mother who served in the military, according to David’s  House page. The Kansas representative holds a law degree from Cornell and is the first openly LGBTQ- member of the Kansas congressional delegation:

‘It wasn’t part of my decision. […] but I’m definitely proud to be part of this time in history.’

It is all about history now.

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