‘The Lincoln Project’ Uncovers DeSantos, A Poser In Hero’s Clothing


The Lincoln Project reminds people how real heroes act. Take President Bush. Not President W. Bush (R), but his father President H.W. Bush (R). He was a hero who flew 47 missions over Japan in World War II.

Then, The Lincoln Project pointed Americans back to Senator John McCain (R-AZ). He was a maverick and a hero who flew missions over North Vietnam until he was shot down and parachuted into Trúc Bạch Lake. His arm was broken in three places, and his knee snapped, according to The Time magazine:

‘They did operate on his knee, but they simply cut out the ligaments and cartilage and refused to give him more surgery because of his “bad attitude.”‘

For McCain, the North Vietnamese were cruel hosts who tortured the senator. Then the enemy discovered Senator McCain’s father was the  Commander-in-Chief in the Pacific Command (CINCPAC) commanding all U.S. forces in the Vietnam theater.

The enemy offered John McCain an early release. But he refused, choosing instead to remain with his men. Now that is character, not like DeSantos:

‘Ron DeSantos is no maverick, he’s just a poser.’

The Florida governor has just been stripping classical literature out of the school libraries. The narrator in the latest Lincoln Project video said:

‘Top gun? This guy?’

DeSantos is just like the other Florida Republican. Check out The Lincoln Project’s video here:

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.

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