Don Jr. Has Emotional Meltdown After Biden Calls Out MAGA Fascists


Donald Trump Jr. spiraled on Twitter this week after a Thursday night speech from President Joe Biden in which the current commander-in-chief called out “MAGA Republicans” for the threats their actions pose to democracy.

Biden made clear in his remarks that he was not referring to every single individual who voted for or currently politically supports Donald Trump. Yet, Trump Jr. and others on the Right have seemingly taken the president’s comments as though he personally called every Trump voter on the phone and called them ugly, or something. The point is they’ve overreacted. Biden made clear in the speech that he sought unity among Americans of all political affiliations, and he specified that he was sharing warnings about those who, among other issues, undercut elections. Somehow, former President Donald Trump himself evidently got the message that Biden threatened the use of the military against Americans, which is quite simply ludicrous and doesn’t reflect the actual content of the speech. Trump claimed via Truth Social that Biden made the threat.

“Imagine what the media would do if Trump gave that speech about millions of democrat voters,” Don Jr. ranted. “It really makes you realize how partisan and broken they are when watching them desperately run cover for arguably the most divisive speech in American history.” Is Donald Trump Jr. really trying to lecture other people about divisiveness? Has he listened to anything his own father has said, ever? Did he forget when, while in office, Trump spoke dismissively of impacts from COVID-19 in so-called “blue” states? As Americans died by the thousands, Donald still clung to politics. Donald also routinely called for the prosecution of his political opponents. The trend continues well beyond the former president. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) recently tore into a student loan debt forgiveness plan announced by the Biden administration in part by saying as follows: “If you are that slacker barista who wasted seven years in college studying completely useless things, now has loans and can’t get a job, Joe Biden just gave you 20 grand.”

That’s evidently what Cruz thinks of many everyday Americans. Biden himself also addressed criticism of his Thursday speech from Fox goon Peter Doocy. “Do you consider all Trump supporters to be a threat to the country?” Doocy asked Friday, missing the point of Biden’s previous remarks. Biden explained in response that he wasn’t targeting Trump supporters in general. Rather, he was singling out those — many of whom also support Trump — who, among other issues, seem disturbingly fine with essentially throwing out the outcomes of elections on a whim, or at least trying to do so, as reported earlier on this site. “I don’t consider any Trump supporter to be a threat to the country,” Biden replied Friday to Doocy. “I do think anyone who calls for the use of violence… refuses to acknowledge when an election has been won, insists upon changing the way in which… you count votes, that is a threat to democracy.”