Mark Meadows Turns Over Texts & Emails, In Another Blow To Trump


Donald Trump, despite his money and his connections, is in a lot of trouble. Violations of The Espionage Act are not small crimes, nor are they taken lightly in courts across the country. Trump’s former chief of staff, Mark Meadows, may finally be coming to that realization.

CNN reports that within a week of the FBI’s search of Trump’s Mar-a-lago home, Meadows turned over records, texts, and emails that he had failed to turn over previously. The National Archives made their request for those materials and realized earlier this year that everything had not been handed over when Meadows’ submissions to the January 6th committee included records that had not been previously submitted.

‘Meadows’ submission to the Archives was part of a request for all electronic communications covered under the Presidential Records Act. The Archives had become aware earlier this year it did not have everything from Meadows after seeing what he had turned over to the House select committee investigating January 6, 2021. Details of Meadows’ submissions to the Archives and the engagement between the two sides have not been previously reported.’

Sources say that the late submission of records were not related to the recent search of Mar-a-lago, and the records he turned over are not believed to be classified or tied to the investigation of Trump’s alleged felony mishandling of classified materials. However, other sources said they found the late submissions and their timing suspicious.

One source said:

‘It could be a coincidence, but within a week of the August 8 search on Mar-a-Lago, much more started coming in.’

Meadows is said to have discussed the materials Trump took from the White House in attempts to resolve the matter. The trove of documents seized by the FBI during the search is said to have included more than 11,000 documents, 18 of them marked with the highest classification markings. The relationship between Meadows and Trump, sources say, has deteriorated in recent months.

‘Trump has been counseled to cut contact with Meadows, whose actions leading up to and on the day of the US Capitol attack have been deeply scrutinized by the House panel investigating January 6, sources have said. A source close to Trump said that while the former President has not completely cut ties with Meadows, Trump has complained about Meadows in conversations with other allies.’