Trump Frantically Panics Over Bill Barr Exposing His Guilt On ‘Fox News’


Former Attorney General Bill Barr went on Fox News this week and undercut key arguments from ex-President Donald Trump in the context of the ongoing criminal investigation into the handling of key records from the Trump administration. Donald wasn’t thrilled.

‘Former A.G. Bill Barr was fired long before I left the White House on January 20th,’ Trump said on Truth Social Friday after Barr’s interview aired. ‘He acted very slowly on the “No Collusion” Mueller Report in that the FBI and “Justice” had the “Laptop from Hell” in their possession, which totally exonerated me long before Mueller’s decision came out, years later – A waste of time & money. The Laptop information should have been released BEFORE the Rigged Election, not after it, for the VOTERS TO SEE. He was petrified of the lunatic Dems & of being Impeached!’ On the laptop Trump referenced, which ostensibly belonged to Hunter Biden, a son of the current president, there’s no indication of anything that “exonerates” Trump in the Russia scandal.

‘Bill Barr had “no guts,” and got “no glory,”’ Trump added on Truth Social. ‘He was a weak and pathetic RINO, who was so afraid of being Impeached that he became a captive to the Radical Left Democrats – “Please, please, please don’t impeach me,” he supposedly said. Barr never fought the way he should have for Election Integrity, and so much else. He started off OK as A.G., but faded fast – Didn’t have courage or stamina. People like that will never Make America Great Again!’ There’s actually not that much apparent evidence — or, well, any — that Bill Barr was consumed by fears of impeachment while serving at the top of the Justice Department during the Trump era. Barr diligently served conservative causes at key junctures. On the issue of so-called election integrity, the Justice Department under his leadership systematically examined fraud claims. Sure, Donald would say they didn’t examine the right ones, or didn’t look at the evidence, but is there really any real-world level of investigation that would convince Trump? It doesn’t seem likely.

Alongside other remarks, Barr criticized the allegation Trump actually declassified materials recovered by federal agents from the former president’s southern Florida property, Mar-a-Lago. There’s no apparent hard evidence for the notion Trump did so. “I frankly am skeptical of this claim that ‘I declassified everything,’” Barr remarked. “Because frankly, I think it’s highly improbable, and second, if in fact he sort of stood over scores of boxes, not really knowing what was in them, and said, ‘I hereby declassify everything in here,’ that would be such an abuse and show such recklessness that it’s almost worse than taking the documents.”