Russian Soldiers Boycott Putin With Rioting & Refusal To Fight Over No Food


Russian soldiers rioted and refused to go into battle this weekend, indicating that President Vladimir Putin has a bigger problem than Americans first thought. Moscow has had a hard time recruiting people for the military, and he recently forced those who are homeless and criminals to go to the battlefront. But the Russian president cannot win a war with a military that will not fight and riots over “no water.”

The Ukrainian military has bombed supply-route trains, with this tactical result in mind.

The think tank Institute for the Study of War (ISW) noted that soldiers on the front did not even have enough food. That was when the Russians in battle rioted, The Ukrinform wrote.

The 127th regiment of the 1st Army Core has been fighting on two fronts, Donesk to the East and cities along the Black Sea. The unit had been formed in April to fight in Donetsk and Luhansk Oblast “alongside four other DNR regiments: the 103rd, 109th, 113th, and 125th.” Will Ukraine’s Operational Command South be too crippled and “demoralized” to fight?

The Navy in the Black Sea still remains active, shooting missiles from two carriers, making that “a total salvo of 16 Kalibr missiles:

‘Taking into account all the threats and risks that the regional escalation carries, OC South once again calls on people not to ignore air raid sirens and follow the emergency protocol.’

On Saturday the Ukrainians knocked out six battle tanks:

 ‘[T]he Ukrainian military “eliminated 104 occupiers, destroying six main battle tanks, nine howitzers, an ammunition depot, and a pontoon crossing near the village of Lvove.’

For rioting, Putin took the soldiers out of their unit, according to The Newsweek magazine. Last July, others in Putin’s war against Ukraine, laid down their arms:

‘Andrei Rinchino, legal head of the Free Buryatia Foundation, told Russian independent media outlet MediaZona that 17 Russian soldiers were detained in Ukraine’s eastern Luhansk region for refusing to fight.’

Rinchino said the soldier had short-term contracts, but were jailed when they tried to end those agreements:

‘Relatives of the soldiers told the news outlet that the men also received death threats for refusing to fight.’

Sunday evening Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky released a video address saying that:

‘[T]he counteroffensive a settlement in the Donetsk region had been liberated along with two more in the south of the country.’

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