Ukraine Wipes Out Hundreds Of Russian Troops In A Day


As Ukrainian military personnel keep up the fight against the Russian troops participating in the Vladimir Putin-led invasion, newly available numbers indicate Ukraine once again wiped out nearly 500 Russian troops in a single day.

The figures are from September 6, which was Tuesday. Between the September 6 and September 7 updates from Ukrainian military leadership on the amount of losses in personnel and equipment suffered by Russian troops in the invasion of Ukraine, 460 Russian soldiers were added to the number of fatalities, bringing the total number of Russian troops who have died amid the war in Ukraine to over 50,600, according to the Ukrainian government numbers. Their daily updates cover the previous day. The Ukrainian army also continues sweeping substantial amounts of Russian equipment off the battlefield. The latest totals indicate over 2,000 Russian tanks were swept up by Ukrainian defenses, with previous reports indicating some Russian tanks were evidently recovered by the Ukrainians in working order.

In remarks shared by the Ukrainian outlet Ukrainska Pravda on Tuesday, Ukrainian military spokeswoman Natalia Humeniuk indicated that Ukrainian troops were reclaiming territory at a faster rate than public announcements might suggest. Recently, Ukrainian forces touted a renewed counter-offensive operation in Ukraine’s Kherson region, although the September 7 update says Russian troops sustained their heaviest losses across the preceding day in Ukraine’s Donetsk area.

“There are territories that we have already liberated, and there is an estimated time for declaring these territories as under the full jurisdiction of Ukraine,” Humeniuk said. “Therefore, let’s wait a little longer. We are preparing an official message about this, since we are making sure that these cities and towns, after all the horrors of the occupation for six months, do not suffer any massive artillery or airstrikes from the enemy.” She also referenced concerns about explosive devices left behind by Russian troops — concerns that don’t leave Ukrainian leadership rushing to more quickly announce the liberation of certain areas.

Ukrainian troops are focusing some of their strikes on Russian storage facilities, hoping to eliminate (among other targets) ammo that Russian troops stocked up for future use in the war. Info released by Ukrainian military leadership on September 6 indicated Ukrainian troops recently destroyed eight storage facilities for Russian ammo. “At the same time, electronic reconnaissance and combat equipment, communication stations, pontoon and ferry crossings, eight ammunition depots of various levels were destroyed, significantly reducing the enemy’s ability to conduct offensive actions,” the Tuesday update says. Info collected in a Ukrinform report from Tuesday covering recent updates from the military also reveals some of the dramatic extent of Russian personnel problems. “The units of private military companies are forced to be replenished by prisoners in the temporarily occupied territories of Donetsk and Luhansk regions,” Ukrinform summarized. Leaders on Putin’s side are offering these individuals benefits like Russian citizenship — something relevant, of course, only if they survive.