Hillary Clinton Asks For Justice Over Trump Crimes During ‘CNN Sunday’


Why is Donald Trump being treated differently from any other person? That is the question that Hillary Clinton asks. After all, he stole boxes of the most sensitive U.S. classified documents and carelessly stowed them at his golf resort. Then, the former first lady and attorney made her case.

Secretary Clinton appeared on CNN’s State of the Union Sunday, and the objective lawyer in her pointed out the obvious. He is not president any longer, and that means he is just another American citizen. He should be treated as such.

Co-host Dana Bash asked the woman who ran against Trump in the 2016 election whether she thought the ex-president needed to be indicted, And this is how Clinton responded:

‘I think it’s a really hard call. And I cannot predict what the Justice Department will do at the end of its investigation. But I do think the rule of law holding people accountable is central to our nation and, as both a secretary of state and as a private citizen, I have answered every question I’ve ever been asked, I’ve testified for 11 hours.’

Then, the former Secretary of State continued, saying “that’s the way the system is supported to work:”

‘I’ve been involved in anything that was asked of me to try to answer any kind of issue and I think that’s the way the system is supposed to work, even if you are, you know, not sure why you’re being with the spotlight on you.’

Clinton added that “no one is above the law:”

‘I really believe that at the end of the day, no one is above the law and no one should be escaping accountability if indeed the facts in the evidence point to them having done something that anyone else in our country would be investigated for and maybe even charged.’

Bash urged Clinton to commit to his indictment:

‘So it sounds like you’re saying that he should be treated like he would if he was just Donald J. Trump, somebody who was a citizen and not a potential candidate?’

And the 2016 candidate was emphatic that Trump was “just like any American:”

‘I do, because he’s not the president! And we do have some special exceptions for someone actually in the office. So I do think that, just like any American, if there is evidence, that evidence should be pursued.’

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And the former first lady conceded that such a decision was not “an easy call:”

‘But I know it’s not an easy call. And so I don’t want to inject my opinion into that difficult calculation, because I don’t know all the facts and unlike people who jump to conclusions, I don’t want to do that. But if the evidence proves or seems to show that there are charges that should be leveled, then I think the rule of law should apply to anyone.’

The full interview with Secretary Clinton is at this link on CNN, and the one in 2016 is below:

She made her case, but the jury is still out.

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.

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