Raphael Warnock Surges Past Herschel Walker In Latest Poll


Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-Ga.), who is currently running for re-election to a full, six-year term against Trump-endorsed, Republican challenger Herschel Walker, is up by 10 percent in a new poll conducted by Echelon Insights.

Among Georgia respondents questioned in the survey efforts, 50 percent indicated they would definitely or probably vote for Warnock, while only 40 percent said the same of Walker. The portion of Warnock’s supporters who said they would definitely support the candidate was considerably higher than the portion of Walker’s backers who indicated they would definitely support the GOP contender. For Warnock, 41 percent of the overall total — so more than 80 percent of his backers — said they would definitely vote for their selection. With Walker, just 25 percent of the overall total indicated they’d definitely go with the Republican contender if or when presented with a ballot. The Georgia Senate race is among what many believe are the closest on the ballot this year. Sabato’s Crystal Ball, which is associated with the University of Virginia and maintains forecasts for upcoming elections, currently rates just two ongoing Senate races (the Nevada and Georgia contests) as toss-ups.

Overall, 10 percent indicated they were unsure in the Warnock-Walker match-up, perhaps showing exactly where the rest of the voters will come from in what many no doubt expect based on recent history and political trends will be a closer final result. If neither candidate passes 50 percent in the final results, the top two finishers — no doubt meaning Warnock and Walker — will move on to a runoff election of the sort that Warnock originally won, providing him with his currently unfolding two years in office. Warnock is serving the last two years of the final term of the late Georgia Sen. Johnny Isakson, who was a Republican. He was elected alongside fellow Georgia Democratic Senator Jon Ossoff, who also won a runoff. Warnock and Ossoff’s presence in the Senate already helped ensure Democrats could accomplish a range of critical items on the agenda, from the confirmation of key nominees of President Joe Biden to the passage of a COVID-19 relief package early last year and the recent enactment of the Inflation Reduction Act.