Adam Kinzinger Roasts GOP For Cowardly Sucking Up To Trump


During an appearance on the podcast known as “The Axe Files” with host and former Obama adviser David Axelrod, Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.), who is retiring from Congress after voting in support of Trump’s post-riot impeachment and more broadly joining the push for holding Donald accountable, said he was willing to face the pressure.

Kinzinger, of course, also joined the House committee investigating the Capitol riot, and he has also consistently pushed back in public appearances on Trump’s lies about the election and the threats posed by the former president to the basic continuance of democracy in the U.S. “If I as a legislator am going to be willing to vote to send people to combat or to ask people to be willing to die for their country, the basic thing I have to be willing to do is give up a career for the same cause,” Kinzinger remarked. “How in the world can I worry about my job at the cost of democracy and the future of this country — we’re not talking about a vote on marginal tax rates, we’re talking about an existential vote — and then at the same time, shed a tear when I salute the flag because somebody gave their life for this country, and that has stayed with me from the very beginning. I don’t think what I do or what Liz has done is courageous at all. I think there is just so much cowardice out here that it looks like courage by default.” Check out Kinzinger’s comments below:

Kinzinger himself has spent a considerable amount of time in the U.S. military, and he currently serves — amid his time in Congress — in the Air National Guard. Like Kinzinger, fellow Trump opponent Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) is also leaving Congress, although she first tried to win re-election but lost to a Trump-endorsed opponent. Broadly, the GOP is sticking with Trump, even after the emergence of a criminal investigation by the Justice Department into the handling of items marked as classified from the Trump administration. And it’s not just an investigation — materials marked as classified which, no matter their classification status, could threaten national security if publicly released, were found at Mar-a-Lago. Where is the widespread Republican outrage? Where are those who wanted Hillary Clinton punished for supposedly mishandling government info?