Democrats Overcome GOP By Large Margin With Latino Voters: poll


Democrats maintain firm control of the Latino/Latina vote, according to the latest  New York Times/Siena College poll.

Intersections where  people agreed with President Joe Biden included women voters and those who believed that Democrats remained the party of the working class:

‘Overall, Hispanic voters are more likely to agree with Democrats on many issues — immigration, gun policy, climate…And a majority of Hispanic voters, 56 percent, plan to vote for Democrats this fall, compared with 32 percent for Republicans.’

The Democrat Party has also retained the largest majority of Hispanic voters on “immigration, gun policy, climate.” Most Hispanic voters say they would vote for the Democrats, 56 percent to Republican’s 32 percent.

But “younger male Hispanic voters, especially those in the South” are a primary concern. They have been wavering between parties on the issue of the economy.

Latinos’ made up approximate 20 percent of America’s voters in Arizona and Nevada, and they could affect the November midterms including the makeup of House of Representatives. A good 20 percent of the Latinos influence “more than a dozen highly competitive House races in California, Colorado, Florida and Texas, among other states.”

In 2020, it looked as if Donald Trump took eight percent of the Latino vote:

‘More than a third of Hispanic voters say they agree more with the G.O.P. on crime and policing, and four out of 10 Hispanic voters have concerns that the Democratic Party has gone too far on race and gender. Hispanic voters view economic issues as the most important factor determining their vote this year and are evenly split on which party they agree with more on the economy.’

Immigration continues to be a primary concern for 37 percent of Latino voters:

‘Democrats maintain a significant advantage on the issue of legal immigration, with 55 percent of Hispanic voters saying they agree with the party, compared with 29 percent who say they agree with Republicans.’

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The Times/Siena pollsters interviewed a random sample of 1,399 registered voters nationwide. A subgroup, also known as the “over-sample,” of 522 Hispanic voters, was done by phone using live operators from Sept. 6 to Sept. 14, 2022. The margin of error error “is plus or minus 3.6 percentage points for the full sample and 5.9 percentage points among Hispanic voters.” The latter’s margin of error was less than ideal.

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.

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