MAGA Candidate Blake Masters Loses To Democrat In Latest Polling


Former astronaut and incumbent Senator Mark Kelly (D-AZ) is running against Blake Masters (R). The two are separated by a mere point according to a new conservative survey. Arizona is an important swing state vote given that the Democrats wish to retain control of the Senate.

The GOP polling firm Trafalgar Group released a new poll giving Kelly 46.6 of the vote for the 2022 general election. If the vote were held today, Masters would take 45.4 percent. The neutral Cook Political Report showed Arizona as a “toss-up” state.

With little left for the other parties, the Libertarian candidate would take 2.7 percent of the electorate, and 5.3 percent were undecided. Unless something dramatic happens in the next 50 days before the November midterms, the winning votes will come from that very slim undecided group.

Kelly ran in the 2020 Arizona special election and won against Martha McSally (R) making that the first time a Democrat took the seat since 1962. The husband of the former shooting victim and representative, Gabby Giffords, has taken the best of the Democrats’ legislation and run on them. They include the Inflation Reduction Acts and the CHIPS Act, which has supported the semiconductor manufacturing sector on America’s soil. Conversely, Masters has run on immigration and crime.

In August, Masters changed his campaign site to remove references to anti-abortion. Since the Supreme Court overturned Roe and 50 years of precedent, women voters have been expressing their anger at the polls. A full 54.7 percent of the Arizona voters were women, while only 45.3 were men. The issue has become a hot spot for the Republicans.
Right after the August primary Kelly announced on his campaign site:

‘Today, a group of over 40 Arizona Republican and Independent business owners, elected officials, farmers, veterans, and community leaders announced their endorsement of Senator Mark Kelly’s re-election. The group joins the nearly 50 Republicans and Independents who endorsed Kelly weeks before the August Republican primary – almost doubling the size of the coalition.’

The Sentinel Action Fund, a super PAC is linked to the very conservative group, the Heritage Action for American. The super PAC intends to give Masters a minimum of five million dollars for advertising.
President of Sentinel Action Fund and Executive Director of Heritage Action Jessica Anderson told The POLITICO that the money will be divided with $3.5 million going for TV ads and $1.5 million for voter outreach.
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This survey was performed by The Trafalgar Group which interviewed 1,080 random participants from September 14 through 17. Its margin of error was +/- 2.9 percent.

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