Raphael Warnock Leads Herschel Walker In New Georgia Senate Poll


Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-Ga.), who is locked in a close campaign for re-election with Republican contender Herschel Walker, is leading in more new polling out of Georgia.

The polling, from Center Street PAC, found Warnock up by four percent among likely voters. He garnered 49 percent of the support, while Walker had 45 percent, with seven percent undecided. These numbers reflect the responses of likely voters in the closely watched state, whose Senate race is among the closest on the ballot anywhere in the U.S. this year. Among registered voters questioned in the polling, Warnock’s lead was higher, although the portion identifying themselves as undecided also grew. In the registered voters’ group, Warnock nabbed 50 percent, and Walker had 37 percent, with 14 percent of respondents unsure. The problem is that turnout in U.S. elections obviously doesn’t reach 100 percent, so voters choosing — or not — to head to the polls is a substantial factor in election outcomes. Walker’s losing margin is particularly pronounced among independents.

“Herschel is trailing two to one among independents, and he’s very unpopular overall. If Sen. Warnock loses, it will be because he left a ton of support on the table,” Center Street co-founder Jacob Perry commented. Soon, Walker and Warnock will face off for a debate, and recent comments from the Trump-endorsed Republican contender seemed designed to push down observers’ expectations for how he will handle himself — which is a surprising strategy, to say the least (although characterizing the move as a strategy and implying a grand plan might be overly generous). “I am getting out, talking to people, and talking to you,” Walker commented to the media when asked about his debate prep. “I’m a country boy. I’m not that smart. He’s a preacher. [Warnock] is smart and wears these nice suits. So, he is going to show up and embarrass me at the debate October 14, and I’m just waiting to show up and I will do my best.” It must be fun to work on the Walker campaign! (That’s sarcasm.)

Walker previously claimed he graduated in the top one percent of his class at the University of Georgia, and an insistence to that effect was at one point listed on a campaign website for Walker, but he didn’t even graduate. Walker has a long history of brazen lies about his background, including dramatically overstating his level of business expertise. In February of this year, he claimed to “still have about 250 people that sew drapery and bedspreads for me,” but potential options for the company to which he was trying to refer — under false pretenses regarding his supposed ownership — ceased operations before he made those comments. Walker has also claimed he owned the largest minority-owned food company in the United States, but his company to which he was referring definitely doesn’t fit that metric. On the political front, Walker also questioned whether Trump ever actually referred to the last presidential election as “stolen” — which is just staggering. Where has Walker been?