Hillary Clinton Asks Women To Vote In Numbers That America Hasn’t Seen


In a unique twist, a group of powerful women’s advocates is behind a new clothing brand that makes a bold statement about women’s voting power. Secretary Hillary Clinton is urging American women to get out and register to vote, and she is putting her power behind the effort.

The new brand has a discounted special get-out-the-vote hot-pink “Voting Suits You” line. Their site is linked to a special section of Supermajority items selling everything from a “Supermajority” caps to clothing. Clinton is marketing “we’re on a mission” through “confident clothes and an inspiring community.”

The women whose brainchild Supermajority was include former President of Planned Parenthood Cecile Richards, Co-founder and Executive Director of National Domestic Workers Alliance Ai-jen Poo, and Co-founder of Black Lives Matter Alicia Garza, among others.

The former first lady also links power clothing to the women’s Argentwork.com, smart workwear that means business. The site said, “We’re on a mission to “upgrade the office dress code:”

‘Now, we’re on a mission to upgrade the office dress code and help women dress like they mean business. Through confident clothes and an inspiring community, we’re creating a movement that’s all about self-expression, versatility as a power move, and radical equality when it comes to paychecks, pockets, and everything in between.’

After the Supreme Court overturned Roe after 50 years of settled law, a small group of older politicians was surprised that we did not want them making our health care decisions. Clearly, they were out of touch. As Clinton said, women showed up, and “women are the most powerful voting bloc:”

‘Hillary Clinton @HillaryClinton Some politicians don’t realize that women are the most powerful voting bloc in this country. This November, we’ll prove it. Join me, @supermajority, and @argent today in checking your voter registration status. #VotingSuitsYou http://argentwork.com/supermajority’

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The hot-pink Supermajority models were women’s advocates frequently seen on the political media scene. Check them out.

Featured image is a screenshot via Argentwork.com.

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