John Fetterman Publicly Humiliates Tucker Carlson Like A Pro


Tucker Carlson, the Fox News host who somehow gets more desperate for attention every time you look at him, like a parlor trick, recently spent some time on his show complaining about Pennsylvania Democratic Senate nominee John Fetterman, who is currently the state’s lieutenant governor.

“By the way, only rich kids wear hoodies to political events,” Carlson babbled. (Fetterman often sports a hoodie.) “No working man actually wears a hoodie to a political event,” the host added, talking about… something. “All your stupid little fake tattoos. It’s a costume, of course. Duh. It’s not real.” How is it that Carlson and his tantrums — he just whines and bickers with imaginary rhetorical sparring partners — appeal to people? Anyway, Fetterman responded to Carlson with an article in NBC News putting the self-assured loudmouth at Fox in his place.

“I have nine dates tattooed on my right forearm,” Fetterman said in the article. “Each one is a day on which someone died violently in Braddock, Pennsylvania, while I was mayor. Gun violence and violent crime might be jokes to someone like Carlson, but they are very real to people in towns like Braddock.”

Fetterman also spoke about some of the circumstances of the incidents. “These murders and tragic deaths in Braddock, and others in similar towns and cities across Pennsylvania, became so normal that they were a talking point in our elected leaders’ speeches and footnotes in media stories,” he added. “That’s why I have these tattoos. They are not some “costume.” They are reminders of the people we have lost and what I am fighting for. Both the dates on my right arm and the “15104” on my left — Braddock’s ZIP code — are personal to me. My decision to mark these deaths with tattoos was inspired in part by their permanence — the fact that these people, their stories and my town will be with me forever. I get that etching art permanently onto your body isn’t how most politicians would express their connection to their communities. But I didn’t care about what anyone else thought. It felt right to me.”

“I put these dates on my arm because I realized that we had lost the shock of these deaths,” Fetterman added. “We became numb. I did it because I never saw the media or the public at large caring about these victims, most of them young Black men.” Fetterman also discussed that gun violence was among what originally drove him to run for office in the first place after two participants in the GED program he said he started were killed. For five and a half years during Fetterman’s leadership, there were no murders by firearm in Braddock. NBC noted that they have also offered Mehmet Oz, the Republican running against Fetterman, who is consistently trailing the Democratic contender in polls, the opportunity to write an opinion piece for the outlet. For NBC, Fetterman contrasted himself with Oz, a multiple mansion-owning, longtime reality television star, who was raking in cash off pseudoscience as Fetterman was working to uplift his community. Read Fetterman’s article in full at this link.