Polling From Swing State Has Democrat Up 8+ On MAGA Candidate


It appears that Donald Trump’s New Hampshire primary winner Don Bolduc (R) is just too radical to win in the general election. Especially against the popular Democrat candidate, U.S. Senator Maggie Hassan (D-NH). She is beating him by 8.5 percentage points in the latest Suffolk University-Boston Globe poll.

Bolduc has shown himself to be a radical opponent. He even accused Republican Governor Chris Sununu (R) of being “a Chinese communist sympathizer,” NPR reported:

‘When the governor chose not to run for the Senate, the retired brigadier general took credit, boasting, “I derailed Gov. Sununu from running for Senate.”‘

Bolduc was also one of 124 retired generals who signed a letter that read, according to The New Hampshire Journal ‘President Joe Biden was not legitimately elected.”

The Daily Beast reported that retired General Bolduc and the other retired generals and admirals claimed the 2020 presidential election had been stolen. During the ultra-conservative Government Integrity Project, he said:

‘I signed a letter with 120 other generals and admirals, saying that Trump won the election, and damn it, I stand by my oath. I’m not switching horses, baby.’

The poll discovered that Hassan took 49.6 percent of the voters, and Bolduc only had 41.2 percent of the New Hampshire voters. The Libertarian candidate Jeremy Kauffman only won 2.6 points. A not insignificant slice of the respondents was undecided at 6.6 percent.

Hassan also took 49 percent percent of the Independent voters compared to Bolduc’s 33 percent, which was a 16-point lead.

The Democrats went for Hassan by 94 percent, and the Republican candidate took 93 percent of his party’s vote. The New Hampshire voters in the poll viewed the sitting Senator Hassan more favorably at 48.6 percent compared to Bolduc’s 40.6 percent. The senator’s unfavorable vote was 44 percent, and to challenger’s was 43 percent.

In a national wave of women fighting for their right to control their own bodies, Hassan won Independent women in the Granite State hands down:

‘Independent women favored Hassan over Bolduc 65 percent to 19 percent.’

Trump biographer, Seth Abramson, said that even Governor Sununu called Bolduc “not a serious candidate” several days ago:

‘It’s embarrassing how craven he’s being, especially given how badly Bolduc is going to lose to the well-liked Maggie Hassan.’

A full 82 percent of the Republicans were “extremely motivated” to vote in the midterm elections compared to the disappointing Democrat’s 70 percent. However, Democrats were “somewhat likely” to vote 22 percent to Republicans’ 13 percent.

In addition, 29.4 of the New Hampshire interviewees found the economy and inflation prime issues. “Protecting democracy” came in with 21 percent, and “abortion rights” with 14.6 percent.

FiveThirtyEight’s polling average gave Hassan a 7.5 lead over Bolduc. Real Clear Politics took a wider view of the upcoming midterm election.

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SOURCE: Real Clear Politics.

The poll interviewed 500 likely New Hampshire voters from September 23 to 26 (inclusive). The margin of error was a relatively high +/- 4.4 percentage points.

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.

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