Trump Caught Personally Packing Top-Secret Documents


Donald Trump knew exactly what went into the boxes of documents seized by the FBI at Mar-a-Lago. How? It appears that the ex-president packed those boxes himself before he left the White House. The previous president did actually send some of the records to the National Archives when he left in 2021. But although all of these documents should have gone to the Archives, 200,000 pages did not.

After Trump released those boxes to the FBI, he wanted to release a statement that all of the files had been returned. But attorney Alex Cannon refused to do so in part, because he did not believe that statement was true. And the lawyer did not want to lose his license to practice law, The Washington Post reported based on its unnamed sources who were familiar with the situation

Another Trump attorney Christina Bobb did sign a statement to the FBI indicating that there had been a “diligent search” performed without finding additional records.

Unfortunately for Trump, sending some of the documents to the Archives and selecting other files to send to Mar-a-Lago could make his case less secure. That was evidence that the ex-POTUS had forethought and knowledge regarding the matter.

The former resident of the White House hid the 15 boxes he intended for his Florida home. His lead aides did not even know what their boss had been doing.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) kicked off an investigation with a search warrant. When the FBI entered Mar-a-Lago, officials obtained a minimum of 100 classified documents., according to The Business Insider:

‘In August, believing there was still more classified material at Mar-a-Lago, the FBI obtained a warrant to search the property and confiscated more than 27 additional boxes of material.’

The agents also found top secret documents and other documents designated higher security risks:

‘Agents retrieved 11 sets of classified material in their search — totaling about 100 documents. Some of them contained closely held secrets of the U.S. government, people familiar with the matter have said, including information about a foreign nation’s nuclear capabilities.’

A spokesperson for Trump did not address the substance of the reporting but instead went off-topic. The spokesperson attacked the medium:

‘Justice Department  “has no greater ally than the Bezos-subsidized Washington Post, which seems to only serve as the partisan microphone of leakers and liars buried deep within the bowels of America’s government. President Trump remains committed to defending the Constitution and the Office of the Presidency, ensuring the integrity of America for generations to come.’

Screen-Shot-2022-10-04-at-11.39.18-AM Trump Caught Personally Packing Top-Secret Documents Donald Trump Featured Politics Top Stories

Then, the spokesman offered this condemnation:

“the partisan microphone of leakers and liars buried deep within the bowels of America’s government.’

Screen-Shot-2022-10-04-at-11.38.29-AM Trump Caught Personally Packing Top-Secret Documents Donald Trump Featured Politics Top Stories

Trump appears to be his own worst enemy.

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.

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