Trump-Picked Governor Candidate Losing By 17 Percent In New Poll


Polling suggests the Michigan governor’s race is slipping from the GOP’s grasp — well, more like ending up solidly in the Democratic column with little Republicans could do about it.

In a Glengariff Group poll of the race for Michigan news outlets, Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer, who is running for re-election, is leading her Trump-backed Republican challenger Tudor Dixon by 17 percent among likely voters. Trump recently visited Michigan to campaign for Dixon, although as with other rally appearances, he seemed largely interested in airing out his personal grievances rather than boosting support for local Republicans. He even gave Ginni Thomas a shout-out, praising her for continuing to espouse conspiracy theories long debunked about the last presidential election. In the new Michigan poll, Whitmer nabbed 49.5 percent of the support, and Dixon, who hasn’t previously held elected office, had 32.2 percent. A full 12.3 percent indicated they were undecided or didn’t answer — enough to shift the race, but not enough to flip it per these numbers.

The large margin mirrors what’s unfolding in polling in the Maryland governor’s race, where well-liked, two-term Governor Larry Hogan, who is a Republican, proves the GOP technically has a chance in the state. Recent polling even showed 70 percent of Dems supportive of the job the outgoing governor is doing — a rarity in the highly polarized political environment of today. Yet, in that same polling, from The Washington Post and the Center for Democracy and Civic Engagement at The University of Maryland, Dan Cox — the Republican state legislator running as his party’s pick — was down by 32 percent against Democratic candidate Wes Moore, who is a veteran and anti-poverty activist, among other portions of his career. Registered Democrats outnumber registered Republicans in Maryland, where Biden’s margin of victory in the 2020 presidential race was also in the 30s, so successful statewide candidates require crossover appeal if from the GOP. Cox, who is even aligned with election conspiracy theories, doesn’t have that.

Whitmer is also dramatically leading Dixon in funding, with some 26 times the amount in cash on hand, meaning available money, as of August 22. Dixon barely cracked half a million, but Whitmer was at $14 million. Dixon winning the Michigan governorship — something that’s evidently unlikely but technically possible — could endanger democracy’s prospects in the state, considering it’s one of the so-called swing states where Trump and his allies focused a lot of their ire after the last election. Dixon or another Trump-aligned Republican as governor could help further the cause of imposing suppressive new restrictions around elections that don’t respond to actual problems or even upending the certification of the next presidential election results in the state if they’re not to Republicans’ liking. Polling in Arizona, where Trump-aligned GOP’er Kari Lake is running for governor against Dem candidate Katie Hobbs, who is currently the Arizona Secretary of State, suggests their governor’s race is a lot closer. New CBS numbers showed the candidates tied.