Georgia Republicans Sour On ‘Laughingstock’ Marjorie Greene


While facing a newly introduced House resolution for her censure after she compared Biden to Hitler, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) is now facing increasing opposition from Georgians over her only increasingly attention-grabbing public antics.

Wendy Davis, whose career includes service on the city commission in Rome, Georgia, posited to The Guardian that Greene winning the election to become her district’s Congresswoman doesn’t indicate that a majority of voters are actively onboard with her most nonsensical rhetoric. Rather, as she phrased it, the issue was more about her becoming essentially the only option. That’s obviously not to suggest someone purposefully voting for Greene is somehow absolved of personal responsibility for the ballot, but it does mirror the trend in Senate polling in which Republican contenders’ supporters are markedly less enthusiastic about their picks compared to the Democrats’ backers. “How we get here wasn’t because everybody around here went QAnon cuckoo,” as Davis put it. “We got here because she loved Trump, she loved guns, she hated socialism, she hated abortion and that won that primary and it’s a Republican district.”

“Local Republican officials here are said to be privately dismayed by Greene’s antics since she took her seat in Congress, which have included calling for Joe Biden’s impeachment and prison visits to rioters arrested after the January 6 insurrection,” per The Guardian. The publication reported further comments from local residents who are fed up with the Congresswoman. “I’m embarrassed to be from her district,” insurance agent Julie Svardh said. “She’s a national laughingstock. The things that she says, she doesn’t know basic words. She couples off with the worst people in Washington and is very annoying. She’s not bright and she’s a bully. She’s definitely not somebody you want representing where you live.” Marcus Flowers, a Democratic veteran running against Greene this November, said he hears from people who are concerned about Greene representing them in Congress.

“I get why people think, ‘They voted her in office and that’s got to be who they are,’” he remarked. “Why wouldn’t people think that? We did send her to Congress. That ain’t who we are. People were misled, misinformed. The way she ran that campaign and didn’t have any pushback because no one else could afford to do the same things she did led some people to vote for her. A lot of those people come to me now and say, ‘I voted for her last time but she’s embarrassed us. I’m not voting for her again.’” Flowers is conducting door-to-door outreach as part of his campaign to unseat Greene this November, which he started after the riot at the Capitol. Greene, of course, avidly supported efforts at undermining the 2020 presidential election outcome. A reporter from The Guardian was apparently present for one of Flowers’s conversations with a 14th District voter — who, despite initial opposition, said he would vote for Flowers, having been won over by his support for veterans. Read more here.