Ron DeSantis Gets Smoked By The ‘Lincoln Project’


The Lincoln Project just released a pointed video with Governor Ron DeSantis as the target. It seems that the governor has been busy shipping legal Venezuelan refugees from Texas to Florida to Martha’s Vineyard to earn brownie points in the Republican base. Unfortunately, that left him no time to prepare Floridians for the terrible  Ian hurricane.

The people living on Florida’s western coast suffered loss of life of well over 120 people, primarily elderly residents. As the Lincoln Project so deftly explained, many deaths could have been avoided if the call to evacuate had come earlier. Brian Wolshon a civil engineering professor at Louisiana State University who studies evacuations said, according to NPR:

‘We’re going to look at that and say, “Where in that chain could it have been communicated earlier, or better, or more effective?”‘

DeSantis really screwed up for several reasons. First, the governor was buying bus and plane tickets charged to Florida’s immigrant fund. Second, the Venezuelans had the right to be in the United States after escaping persecution in their own country.

Third, the Venezuelans were not even in Florida, although DeSantis gave them a brief stopover. The governor had to get some of women down to Texas to trick immigrants into getting onto buses. The women in question offered them food, drinks, and free passage plus a nice little package of spending money. Then, DeSantis’ women told the refugees would receive shelter and jobs when their ride was over. They lied to the Venezuelans:

‘@GovRonDeSantis prioritized political stunts, book banning, & owning the libs rather than addressing real issues. DeSantis culture wars do nothing to help Floridians.’

It will be interesting to see how the Floridians feel about DeSantis’ dirty little priority.

Featured image is a screenshot via Twitter.

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