Adam Kinzinger Hits Trump The ‘Snowflake’ For Betraying Democracy


Lt. Col. Representative Adam Kinzinger is one of only two House Republicans with enough courage to stand up to Donald Trump. The representative also sits on the House January 6 Select Committee which has been investigating the former resident of the White House. If anyone should know the depths of Trump’s depravity, it is Kinzinger. He called the ex-president a fragile “snowflake.”

Then Kinzinger said the former president embarrassed the representative with his “victimhood” and whining which is irritating any time but more so in a 76-year-old who was a millionaire many times over. Longtime GOP consultant and pollster Frank Luntz said, according to The POLITICO:

‘The more Trump is attacked, the higher he climbs among Republicans. He knows how to play the victim card perfectly.’

Representative Kinzinger said Trump’s actions made him “ashamed” of his own party for embracing the ex-president:

 ‘Trump is a snowflake who complains more than anyone anywhere ever. I really am ashamed to see my party embrace blame America first and victimhood doctrine.’

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It is unfortunate that Trump is such a fragile cactus.

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube