Raphael Warnock Moves Ahead Of Herschel Walker In Georgia


A new poll has shown Senator Raphael Raphael Warnock (D-GA) moving ahead of Donald Trump’s pick, Herschel Walker (R). The reverend could not be further from Walker in values, with a history that includes denying children from four different women, forced abortions, and violence against those women. At the same time, Reverend Warnock serves the same church as Martin Luther King Jr. served.

The sitting senator amassed 48 percent of the electorate compared to Walker’s 46 percent in the new Emerson College Polling-The Hill poll released Tuesday. In the prior month, Senator Warnock only took 44 percent of the vote while Walker took 46 percent, according to The Hill. Although that is a knife’s sliver difference, it has shown the reverend gaining four points, which is a significant pattern.

Anti-abortion proponent Walker allegedly paid for one girlfriend to have an abortion, which he denied. However, she had copies of his check, the abortion clinic receipt, and a get-well card. When the former football player wanted her to have a second abortion, she said “no.” That ended their relationship and brought his son into the world. The Republican candidate apparently threatened to sue the organization reporting this news for defamation of character.

The poll did not question the impact of the news, so it was uncertain whether that hurt Walker. However, women have shown their disdain for the Republican candidate moving higher. A full 51 percent of them supported Warnock versus 42 percent for his opponent.

Men have also been withdrawing their support for the Georgia football star, too. In the previous monthly poll, Walker led men with an eight-point advantage. In the new poll, that number dropped to five percent.

The way that Georgia’s elections work is that the winning candidate has to reach above 50 percentage points to win. In other words, should the winner come in with 49 percent of the vote, there would still have to be a runoff election in December in an already tense race.

After Kansas women came out against abortion full throttle, that has moved the matter in question up among both pollsters and likely voters. However, the issue was not so much abortion as whether women will accept a politician standing between them and their doctor.

For Georgia voters, a majority of 40 percent ranked the economy as the central concern in the midterm elections. Then, 19 percent of the voters chose losing our democracy for second place. Abortion came in as the third most important worry, at 12 percent.

But it is not as if Georgians do not care about a woman’s right to choose. When it came to the conservative-heavy Supreme Court overturning Roe, 52 percent of them said that would motivate them to go vote in the next four weeks. Yet 45 percent had no opinion on the matter.

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In the gubernatorial race, this poll showed that Georgia Governor Brian Kemp (R) has taken a five-point advantage over the popular Democratic candidate Stacey Abrams 51 percent to 46 percent.

One factor working against Warnock and Abrams has been President Joe Biden’s low numbers with 52 “disapproving of his performance” against 41 percent giving him a positive vote. Georgia basically won the race for him in 2020 and with two recalcitrant senators, POTUS has not been able to honor his promises to Georgians. Give him two more senators, though, and all of that problem would evaporate.

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The Emerson College-The Hill poll interviewed a random 1,000 likely voters in the midterms. The poll was open from October 4 to October 7 with a +/- three percent margin of error.

Five-thirty-eight showed Warnock at 47.8 percent to Walker’s 44.1 percent.

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