‘The Lincoln Project’ Taunts Trump With Formal Subpoena Invitation


When America’s historical men in government wore white wigs instead of donning extraordinarily expensive but ridiculous combovers, invitations were much more formal. And The Lincoln Project thinks that just might appeal to Donald J. Trump. Especially if there is a Queen Elizabeth involved. He might even bring the whole family along.

The ex-president would certainly enjoy something along the lines of and in the most British sounding voice:

‘Dearest Donald. It is with great pleasure and much excitement this committee shares the news of a most anticipated subpoena arriving at our fair Mar-a-Lago this autumn…the anticipated hearing of the season. Esteemed recipients of subpoenas should they choose to attend…

‘At the request of her majesty Liz Cheney please refrain from bringing any tomato products on the premises.’

The Lincoln Project with its former Republicans’ relentless ads mocking the previous president continue to lighten the burden of daily responsibilities and bring a smile at the expense of the Donald. And besides:

‘The ratings would be YUGE’

The ratings would be YUGE.pic.twitter.com/PJ5Jt7KWfe

— The Lincoln Project (@ProjectLincoln) October 17, 2022

Certainly, if Trump accepted, it would be the “most anticipated subpoena of the season.”

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