Trump & Don Jr Served With $250 Million Fraud Lawsuit


Letitia James has just won a battle in what amounts to a legal war against Donald Trump in her $250 million case of fraud. She waited three weeks for the New York real estate man to respond as the party to be served. When the previous president ignored her, she then served him with a court-ordered 220-page lawsuit. And Trump finally admitted defeat.

AG James sought one-quarter billion dollars in penalties and to dissuade the former POTUS from repeating his crimes. She will also bar the Trump family from ever doing business in New York. And that will include any form of banking that runs through the state, which most big banks do.

In court AG James said, according to The Business Insider:

‘[B]y sending in electronic mail a message containing a secure cloud link to pdf attachments of all the documents.’

James’ lawsuit claimed that the Trump family business, The Trump Organization, has had a long-standing fraudulent strategy of paying less on the taxes the company owed, by devaluing his properties. And he used a method of greatly exaggerating those same properties’ capital gains.

James’ office wrote that “relief is designed to mitigate further fraud and illegality,” CNN reported:

‘The requested targeted relief is designed to mitigate further fraud and illegality during the pendency of this action because the company has present and continuing obligations under existing loan agreements to prepare and disclose Mr. Trump’s Statement of Financial Condition as of June 30, 2022 and may also seek additional financing from lenders and renewal of insurance programs on the basis of that Statement.’

Trump’s middle son Eric has served as executive vice president of the family business. The second son and his father have managed to avoid the case for three weeks.

Alina Habba serves as the previous president’s attorney, and Clifford Robert is Eric’s attorney. The two sent “notices of appearance” meaning they were attorneys of record. But both lawyers refused to acknowledge all emails the AG sent to confirm their clients were, indeed, the correct recipients. Finally James filed the lawsuit.

AG James accused Trump of “gamesmanship.” And she was not willing to play. The New York AG asked the court to just send Habba and Robert the court order. The judge said “yes,” and James sent Donald Trump, Sr.’s and Eric’s attorneys to serve as recipients.

The judge assigned to the case was New York Supreme Court Justice Arthur Engoron. And he set October 31 as the time for the presentation of oral arguments. The attorney general expects the Trumps to argue against her argument that the Trump Organization is so fraudulent that the company needs an “independent financial monitor to be appointed and overseen by the judge.'”


Judge Engoron has dealt with the Trumps before. And that issue may be a problem:

‘[T]he same judge who in April found Trump in contempt of court for not fully complying with the attorney general’s subpoenas in the two-year run-up to her filing suit.’

Habba requested the lawsuit move from Judge Engoron’s court. She added that the Trumps would like to see a Manhattan commercial division judge handle the case, given that this is a complex business dispute.


Both Donald Trump, Jr. and Ivanka Trump were also defendants in the lawsuit. But the two were fast to accept service.

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.

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