Alexander Vindman Rips ‘Embarrassing’ GOP Midterm Candidates


With the midterm elections fewer than three weeks away, a true American patriot asked a burning question. Alexander Vindman pondered whether the GOP candidates for the midterms were just “embarrassing?” Donald Trump busted down his former Director for European Affairs for the United States National Security Council for telling the truth before Congress about the previous POTUS’ illegal actions.

Then United States Army Lieutenant Colonel Vindman explained that he overheard the ex-president trying to trade Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s promised military equipment for dirt on President Joe Biden’s younger son.

Today Vindman commented that the “Dem candidates are much better than the GOP candidates.” And he answered his own question saying “It’s not even close:”

Is it me or are all the Dem candidates much much better than the GOP candidates this election cycle. It’s not even close. The Dems are principled & have ideas to help Americans. The GOP is just embarrassing! @TheDemCoalition

‘If this a battle of ideas, there’s no contest!!’

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If the Democrats get the vote out in full force, they will certainly win, but only if they do.

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