Steve Bannon Humiliated By Protestors Outside Of Court


Steve Bannon, the longtime Trump ally who’s somehow always around although it’s unclear what he actually does these days beyond talk — a lot, was sentenced on Friday to four months in prison after a jury convicted him of two counts of contempt of Congress.

The contempt charges concerned Bannon’s refusal to comply with the House committee investigating the Capitol riot, although federal Judge Carl Nichols was suspending his subsequent sentence during the appeals process, assuming Bannon filed a reasonably swift appeal. Protesters were ready for Bannon before he arrived to the federal courthouse for sentencing. There was a large, inflatable figure with a Trump-like head on a rat outside the building, and Bannon walked directly by it as he made his way inside. Bystanders also shouted “Fascist!” and “Traitor!” as he shuffled alongside apparent allies. There was also a guy walking behind Bannon who goes by the moniker of “Truth Conductor” and was holding a sign telling readers to “stop hating each other because you disagree.” Bannon tried to talk before he ventured inside the courthouse, and protesters kept shouting.

“Remember, this illegitimate regime — their judgment day is on 8 November,” Bannon proclaimed, referring to Election Day in the midterms. Polling and other indicators suggest the results from the midterms could be mixed, with Democrats in control of the Senate and Republicans leading the House, although other outcomes are, of course, possible, and surveys are always inherently imperfect. Perhaps aware it was difficult to hear him, or potentially under a time constraint, Bannon quickly wrapped up, thanking those listening for showing up. It’s unclear how many of his own supporters were even there. He also jabbed at the Chinese Communist Party, for some reason. Protesters have greeted Bannon before — on the day he was found guilty, someone showed up behind him with a sign saying “no one is above the law.” Check out the scene below:

Bannon was predictably brash after his sentencing, talking about Republicans — should they regain Congressional control — impeaching Attorney General Merrick Garland. Bannon is facing other legal issues with a New York indictment connected to his involvement in a fraudulent fundraising scheme ostensibly raising money in support of Trump’s long sought southern border wall. In reality, although Bannon personally represented that all the money would go towards construction efforts, he and three others involved in leading the scheme pocketed huge sums. Bannon alone raked in nearly $1 million. Trump pardoned Bannon before leaving office, but presidential pardons don’t negate possibilities of state prosecution.