Investigation Into Dozens Of House GOP For Jan 6 Crimes Proposed


Former Virginia Republican Congressman Denver Riggleman, who spent some time working on the investigation by the House committee probing January 6, pushed during a MSNBC interview for investigative scrutiny of dozens of Republican members of Congress who were in touch with then-White House chief of staff Mark Meadows around the last election.

Some of Meadows’s more infamous texts were with figures like Ginni Thomas, the wife of current U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. Ginni pushed Meadows for action on the 2020 election results. “For me, once you see data, and data is perishable, time is paramount,” Riggleman said on MSNBC. “When you look at Lauren Boebert — there are actually over three dozen active members that are on the Meadows text messages. So, Lauren, even though I would love to talk to her about her 1776 tweet and also her tweet about Pelosi — which either you are¬†ignorant about operational security, or you are directed and you’re doing things you shouldn’t be doing. And by the way, whether you get shot on purpose or shot on accident, you are still getting shot. It’s sort of a military thing. What she did was just ridiculous and unconscionable. We still have over three dozen members on the Meadows text messages that we still need to talk to, as far as I’m concerned.”

At this point, the House committee in question has issued a subpoena for documents and testimony from former President Trump, although the fate of that subpoena is uncertain. Trump apparently hasn’t made a conclusive and public statement about whether he will provide information, although he has been predictably antagonistic. Criminal referrals from the committee, which would constitute formal recommendations for prosecution but wouldn’t force prosecutors to bring charges, also remain possible. There is also an investigation into pro-Trump election meddling after the last presidential race taking place in Georgia. Clarence Thomas, who oversees certain disputes arising from the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals out of Atlanta, opted this week to put a ruling from that court mandating testimony from Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) in the Georgia investigation on hold. Watch Riggleman’s interview below: