Protestors Clown On Ted Cruz During Live Appearance On’ The View’


During a portion of an interview this week on The View with Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) in which the wildly unpopular Texas legislator was blaming inflation on high levels of government spending (which is obviously a short-sighted oversimplification), protesters began chanting from the crowd.

“Vote for climate now!” they said. Although their message sounded geared towards public figures and everyday Americans other than just Cruz, the Senator himself also voted against a recently enacted piece of legislation called the Inflation Reduction Act, which contained what was billed as the largest single investment by the U.S. government into fighting climate change in history. The bill contained “nearly $400 billion over 10 years in tax credits aimed at steering consumers to electric vehicles and prodding electric utilities toward renewable energy sources like wind or solar power,” as reported by The New York Times. Separately, the bill also included improvements in healthcare access and affordability, like allowing Medicare to negotiate the prices of prescription drugs and capping yearly expenses for prescriptions paid by those on Medicare at $2,000.

Cruz has also opposed other major legislative initiatives passed in the Senate in this Congress, including the bipartisan gun policy reform bill and the infrastructure package.

What’s he even doing these days beyond posting antagonistically on social media? Cruz also faced jeers at a Sunday baseball game in New York City, where the New York Yankees faced the Houston Astros. A photo from an exec at Vice News shows members of the crowd lifting their middle fingers at him, while footage of the Senator walking through the stadium features bystanders yelling at him. “Fuck you, you racist piece of shit!” one fan shouted. Cruz has repeatedly gotten into arguments with individuals raising even the slightest bit of objection to him or his policies, although at the game, he seemingly stayed at least mostly quiet. At an event in Texas put on by The Texas Tribune, he began vehemently challenging members of the audience who spoke against his stance on gun policy. He claimed at the event his proposal for additional law enforcement and mental health personnel at schools was fitting in part since the Uvalde shooter supposedly got into the school and began firing before police arrived. Available info suggests that’s not true.

Cruz has also gotten into arguments at a restaurant and on an airplane following Uvalde. He often seems suspiciously eager to start antagonizing people. If he can’t take even mild criticism, why is he a Senator or in elected office? Check out the protesters at The View, where the co-hosts weren’t thrilled, in footage below: