‘The Lincoln Project Asks America To Save Democracy From GOP Fascists


The Lincoln Project sent out a frightening but real warning in its latest video. If Republicans win the House as predicted, they will “end Social Security” and more. The threatening voice behind the video asks, “Are you scared yet? You should be.” This is why.

The Cook Report just upped its prediction of the GOP’s win in the House to “12 to 25 seats,” according to MSNBC’s Deadline White House with Nicole Wallace. That would make one of the Republicans’ dreams of impeaching President Joe Biden and ousting him from office a real possibility.

The latest Lincoln Project video promises this election season could well be a “House of Horrors,” because the Republican “lunatics [would be] in charge of the asylum.” And they are:

  • ‘Marjorie Taylor Green
  • Lauren Bobert
  • Matt Gaetz
  • Jim Jordan’

And that cast will without a doubt “wreck the economy, end Social Security.” They will also hand the new Twitter owner and billionaire Elon Musk “a tax cut. Destroy the FBI and the Department of Justice (DOJ).” Americans would have to trade Ukraine freedom fighters for Russian President Vladimir Putin.

If Americans believe the Republicans will “lower inflation, cut gas prices, help working Americans? Sorry.” Instead, they will bring “more chaos, more destruction, more violence, more Trump:”

‘That’s the real terror the republicans are promising. This horror movie has a dark ending, and no one gets out alive.’

That is unless Democrats “vote them out.” Check out one of The Lincoln Project’s best videos here:

‘If Republicans take back the House this November, our country’s in for something much scarier than any horror film you’ve ever seen before.

Scary does not even capture that dark possibility.

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