‘The Lincoln Project’ Roasts MAGA Marjorie Green In Viral Video


The Lincoln Project points out that “Large Marge” aka Representative Marjorie Taylor Green (R-AL) is the “most powerful Republican in Washington now.” Representative Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) “sold his soul” to Donald Trump for his penultimate job, speaker of the House, The Washington Post reported. But “Large Marge” may get there first.

The video that The Lincoln Project produced tells the awful truth. Donald Trump’s hand puppet is the “new boss.” The Georgia representative could just physically wrest it away from McCarthy. After all, the near-speaker let “the boss” lose her committee assignments for acting out.

We knew “Large Marge” from before she was elected to the House. Greene was the one who harassed two students advocating for gun controls. They had just been in a deadly high school shooting, but she verbally threatened them, saying she had a gun in her purse, according to YouTube.

And lest people think that the woman is “conservative,” The Lincoln Project disavows us of that notion. No, “she’s radical.” The video shows that “Large Marge” is a full-out Q-Anon conspiracy theorist and anti-semitic.

Then, the narrator in his down-home voice said “old Kevin…he’s impotent:”

‘The craziest lady I ever seen. Old Kevin McCarthy used to have the power. But now he’s impotent. Marge sets the agenda. She’ll drive the Republicans’ majority Large Marge. She’s just that scary. Craziest lady I ever seen. And if you vote Republicans, you’re voting for her. So tell ’em “Large Marge’ sent you.’

The Lincoln Project reminds us once again that the “lunatics have officially taken over the asylum (House of Representatives).” Check out their spot-on video:

 ‘Kevin’s out, #LargeMarge is in. The lunatics have officially taken over the asylum.’

But The Mother Jones publication offered people a ray of hope. “Large Marge’s” district is “bluer than you think.”

Featured image is a screenshot via Twitter.

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