Trump & His Security Team Sent To Trial Over Assault Allegation


Donald Trump notified the nation of his prejudiced intentions right after he descended that golden escalator with Melania to announce his presidential campaign. The near-president called Mexicans “rapists” in his speech. Shortly thereafter, five men originally from Mexico brought a civil case against the ex-president’s chief officer in charge of security Keith Schiller and his team. The suit alleged Trump’s team assaulted them as they were protesting at the base of Trump’s skyscraper office and home. The former POTUS was also named for inciting the violence. It took seven years to come to trial.

The previous president’s bodyguards grabbed the men’s signs, pushed them down, and beat them in September 2015, according to the lawsuit. Prosecutors for the men said they were just exercising their constitutional rights to peacefully protest.

Efrain Galicia, Gonzalo Cruz Franco, Miguel Villalobos, Florencia Tejeda Perez, and the late Norberto Garcia sought damages in the Bronx Supreme Court for the September 3, 2015 incident. The men all came from Mexico originally, Yahoo News reported.

The ex-president was also named in the suit for inciting the brutality. As the previous POTUS was wont to do, he had the human rights activists’ trial twice postponed, in 2019 and also in 2021. But the activists’ attorney Ben Dictor said that jury selection started on Monday:

‘Absent some 3 A.M. surprise, we have every expectation of proceeding with jury selection on Monday. It has been seven long years of litigation, but our clients will finally have an opportunity to present their case to a Bronx jury.’

There was video evidence of the violent encounter. It showed Schiller hitting Galicia’s face and grabbing the man of color’s sign, which read:

‘Trump: Make America Racist Again.’

Trump was depositioned in the case, and the members of the jury will see both a video of that as well as the former president’s personal attorney at the time, Michael Cohen’s, testimony. The lawyer said that the 45th president told the security team to get “rid of” the protesting activists.

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But the ex-president defended his security team in his desposition, according to The Daily News:

‘I think they were troublemakers, yes I do. They were very — you know, I guess you could say violent.’

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The Supreme Court trial in Manhattan announced it would hear “opening arguments early Monday.”

District Attorney (DA) Alvin Bragg’s team will also provide evidence against Trump in a criminal case. This lawsuit named the Trump Organization and Trump Payroll Corporation as the defendants, and the two’s attorneys have pled “not guilty” of the many criminal tax fraud charges.

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