Liz Cheney Rips GOP Colleagues Over Paul Pelosi Conspiracy


Liz Cheney is once again condemning deplorable behavior from her GOP colleagues. She called the GOP’s attack on Paul Pelosi “disgraceful,” according to The Casper Star Tribune.

‘The fact that while Paul Pelosi was in ICU, had been brutally attacked, had a skull fracture and numerous other injuries, that there were members of my party mocking him, that there were members of President Trump’s family mocking him, that’s not who we are in this country.’

Then Cheney added violence is “disgraceful, The Idea Streamer reported;

‘That is disgraceful. And as Americans, we have to reject it. We have to be willing to say we can have disagreements, we can have debates, we can have intense debates, but violence cannot ever be part of our discourse.’

Former U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney’s daughter appears to be one of the last two moderate Republicans left in the House and she sacrificed her legislative career to tell the truth about what hijacked her party. She said “demonization…goes on on both sides:”

‘I think that the demonization that goes on on both sides, certainly Republicans have through the years demonized Speaker Pelosi, Democrats have demonized Republicans, including my dad. And it all has to stop.’

Then Cheney urged Americans to keep “the Pelosi family in our prayers:”

 ‘As a nation, we all should be keeping the Pelosi family in our prayers. We all should recognize that we cannot go over an abyss of not being able to have the common human decency to stand against that violence, to condemn the violence, to pray for Mr. Pelosi and his family, and to reject those who are acting in a way that frankly is inhumane.’


DePape confessed to his crime, adding that he had intended to “hold Nancy hostage” and “break her kneecaps as a message to the rest of her party.”

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The question quickly becomes, what will the Republican Party be like after members of the GOP completely loses their way, and who will be to blame?

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