Biden Piles On GOP And Celebrates The 2022 ‘Red Flop’


‘Zeke Miller got the first question, and asks Biden what he plans to do differently over the next two years. Biden says “nothing” because he thinks he’s doing a good job.’

     POTUS added:

‘We lost fewer seats in the House than any Democratic president’s first midterm election in the last 40 years.

‘[And] I’M prepared to work with my Republican colleagues. The American people have made it clear, I think, that they expect Republicans to work with me as well … I’m open to any good ideas.’

When asked whether he would entertain Republican proposals to cut Social Security and/or Medicare. And President Biden replied “under no circumstances:”

‘The American people made it clear that they don’t want every day going forward to be a constant political battle. There’s too much of that going on.’

President Biden thought it was “interesting” that Russia waited until after the election to announce a major withdrawal in Ukraine, Ruper added. Then, the 46th president managed to insert some endearing lessons from his father and others. When asked about Republicans’ intent to investigate him and his family, he responded:

‘Lots of luck in your senior year, as my coach used to say … it’s almost comedy.’

When asked about a strong Trump political movement, the president quipped, “Oh yeah?’ Then, he laughed quietly:

‘This is very amusing but it’s also a fact that nobody in the world has done more to weaken Trump than Joe Biden.’

Empathy played a big part of President Biden’s speech:

‘Part of leadership requires letting people know you understand their problem. Dad said I don’t expect them to solve it. I do expect them to understand it…Dad put it this way. After you pay all your bills that there is a little something at the end of the month.’

Then, a strong Biden leaned into the realities of American life:

‘Make sure people there to help. To help, hold a hand. Child tax credit cut poverty 40 percent. (It was not renewed.) Let them know you’re there to help. Whether it’s a psychologist, a doctor, or a social worker.’

There was a raging epidemic when President Biden took office. He took credit for the hundreds of millions of shots that turned the nation onto a healthy pathway. But then, the 46th president said:

‘We lost a million dead. A million dead. And each had an average of nine people close to them. The impact has been profound. Been profound. The impact on their psyche. This is about knowing what people need and help them get it.’

The leader of the free world said he would deal with the Republicans trying to take down what has already passed:

‘It’s a simple proposition  I have a pen that can veto. There is growing pressure on the part of American people expecting both parties and all elements of both work out their differences.’

On the midterm elections, President Biden said:

‘It was a good day I think for democracy.’

Then when asked about whether Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron Desantis will both run in 2024, that scrappy little kid in him said:

‘It will be fun watching them take on each other.’

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.

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