Biden Fires Off Opening Shot At Trump 2024 Campaign


The Biden team released a brief ad ripping the Trump record after the former president announced yet another campaign for the White House on Tuesday night at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida.

The clip, which is less than a minute long, already clocked some five million views in under a day — just on Twitter. “Nobody has ever done what we’ve done in the last four years,” Trump said in what could easily be construed as a self-own — although the real-world chaos of the Trump administration obviously wasn’t the intended subject of the ex-president’s commentary. Trump surely made history, but he did so for reasons he might like Americans to forget. The video highlights issues like tax cuts that favored the wealthy, high unemployment, and the acceptance and incitement of violent extremists, including those who stormed the Capitol early last year. The clip also reminds viewers of Trump’s struggles to formulate a comprehensive denunciation of the far-right extremists who descended on Charlottesville, Virginia, in 2017, a set of circumstances to which Biden has previously pointed in denouncing the now former president, who remains under multiple criminal investigations.

The clip from the Biden team also highlights the Trump administration’s support of overturning the Affordable Care Act, without a replacement plan ready to implement — which could have threatened the health coverage of millions of Americans. As the nation reels from the U.S. Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade and letting individual states ban abortion with extremely rare exceptions, the president’s team also reminded observers of when Trump raised the prospect of punishing women for receiving abortions. In general, the abortion restrictions that have taken effect since Roe was undone target providers and others involved in the process — although in resurfaced comments, the failed Trump pick for governor in Pennsylvania also expressed support for the idea of penalties for individuals who actually receive abortions. Check out Biden’s video below:

It’s not actually a given that Trump will win the nomination for the GOP in 2024. Florida GOP Governor Ron DeSantis, who recently crushed the Democratic opponent in his race for re-election by nearly 20 percent, has been widely floated as a potential candidate, and polling — especially recently — has shown the governor with a fighting chance against Trump at both the state and national levels. Trump is predictably furious over the prospect, lashing out at “Ron De-Sanctimonious,” as he’s termed the governor. In Florida, Republicans largely swept the midterm elections, winning super-majorities in both state legislative chambers. In contrast, Trump’s picks nationwide faltered, helping Republicans remain the minority in the Senate for now.