Plane Flies Banner Over Mar-a-Lago Mocking Trump Announcement


When Donald Trump announced his run for president once again, he was met with less than enthusiasm. Indeed, the former president showed little liveliness himself as he read his prepared speech Tuesday evening. Republican legislators expressed little to no zest for the 45th president’s return to the White House. But there was one individual keen to communicate a message to Trump.

On Tuesday before the previous Trump made his anti-climatic announcement, the previous POTUS was “trolled by a small prop plane with a banner trailing behind it” over the former president’s Mar-a-Lago resort and residence. The banner read, according to The Daily Beast:


Given the number of Trump’s endorsed candidates who lost in the midterms, it came as something of a surprise that the former White House resident would jump back on the campaign trail, but perhaps the elderly candidate boxed himself into a corner.

A number of the Grand Old Party (GOP) have pointed to Trump’s “extreme views” as a reason to withdraw support from 45. Check out the lone banner plane far above Mar-a-Lago in this brief video:

‘Plane currently flying above Mar-a-Lago, trolling the former president and invoking DeSantis, as he prepares to announce a third White House bid.’

Many pundits question whether Trump can collect the support he needs to face another campaign. Or will Governor Ron DeSantis replace the older man?

Featured image is a screenshot via Twitter.

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